our weekend adventures


in case you missed it, i did a little ‘a work day in the life of me‘ over on my snapchat
// @jaevas. sorry if you were annoyed by it, but it was really fun to do that, ya’ll got to see where i work, what my daily shenanigans are as a working woman and then a momma bear/wife afterwards!

something else exciting happened…i hit 199 followers on the good ol’ blog! once that bad boy hits 200 i will be doing an awesome giveaway of all of my favorite things!
i’m thinking, hair care, candles, makeup, jewelry…the whole 9, y’all!
thank you so much for your continued support!

another girl scouts meeting and another friendship circle! this song is so catchy…”a circle is round, it has no endddd, that’s how long i want to be your friend…” i wake up singing that song…

after girlscouts, we came home and tended to all of our plant babies. look at how big our hydrangea bush is getting!


cale had to work {again} so jaz and i went and explored hobby lobby and targé. and of course, per the norm, we stopped and had phò.

we got to babysit this little rugrat while her mama & papa went on a little date night! she is such a little character! she is starting to say little words and gosh darnit, it is the cutest thing ever!

img_2805 img_2804
after a little teeny meltdown, which, can i just go off on a tangent here?

[is it weird that i was totally okay with it? i loved being able to comfort her and it just brought me back to when little jazmina was teeny tiny. i forgot how much i loved rocking her to sleep, scratching her back and playing with her hair. while she still loves when i do that {minus the rocking part} it’s just not the same from when she was a baby/toddler. 
~le sigh~ that time will come soon enough {not too soon though}  ]

anyway! after i got her to sleep {aaron & misha} came home and of course we played a little catan! and i kicked butt! it was my first win, in the many games we have played, so i was so excited! also, the beer in the picture….hands down the best grapefruit beer…EVER!

i’m sure i have mentioned in a lot of my previous posts that misha might be the craftiest person i know. she personalized my kate spade newlywed tote {here}, she hosted a beautiful friendsgiving {here} not to mention all of her diy stuff on her blog {here}! but now she has started her very own business!

⇒ the petite flag shop ⇐ 

i now have three… {this one} is at my office, so all of my catty co-workers can read it everyday and maybe be a little nicer {at least to me}
{this one} is in my home…because, obviously.
but the one pictured is very very special, this flag supports misha & aaron’s niece, a beautiful little girl who is battling cancer. you can read all about her journey and follow along {here} and the direct link to purchase this flag is {here}.

i received mine and it is beautiful!


this is my life every sunday. it never ends.

cale wasn’t feeling the best, so jaz and i left him to take a nap while we grocery shopped. these clouds were a bit ominous. it’s rare to see clouds this dark. eek!

came home to the cutest little cuddle puddle!

uhmmmm…can we just…adele you are amazing! when i downloaded the album{the day it was realeased!}, i was instantly drawn to this song. it’s upbeat, spunky and of course amazing {it’s adele…duh} so when i saw that this was her next single and that this was the video…holy balls. yes! everything about it, yes! girlcrush, for sure, ya’ll!

and because it was cold and rainy, some turkey chili was necessary! email me and let me know if you want to see the recipe!

well, it was a jam packed weekend yet again!
the weather was poopy though which was a bummer. we only got a little work done to the deck.
but we are gearing up for a road trip to coeur d’alene for the memorial day weekend and we are so excited!
what did you do this weekend??


our weekend adventures


IMG_9009 my coworkers and i started walking during our breaks…note: never invite a detention officer to go walking with you…she’ll make it an obstacle course. haha

IMG_9013 more wedding goodies came!!! i am so excited for these robes! i’ll tell y’all where i got them from in our 4 month wedding countdown post this thursday!


IMG_9014 wednesday was my baby girl’s SEVENTH birthday, but today we are celebrating it with her friends! a post on how i made these goodie bags will be coming shortly!

IMG_8966 this is what jaz woke up to on wednesday…spoiled rotten! grandma jo just can’t help herself!

IMG_9036 we reserved a room at pump it up and oh my gosh! so much fun!!!! the parents got to jump too! i may or may not have done a scorpion {ya know, when your feets touch behind your head…yeah, ouch} trying to race another mom down the obstacle course.

IMG_9034 i love this so much! she’s so happy!

IMG_9023 gonna be honest…that party pooped us parents out! so we went home and took a little cat nap…the cat however had other plans to catch the fly.

IMG_9028 later that night we got to attend a beautiful wedding at the seattle aquarium! oh my gosh so gorgeous and so much fun!!!

IMG_9032 i mean…LOOK! if this is not the definition of an awesome wedding i don’t know what is! look at the fishies, they’re watching their first dance!
congratulations carmen & tyler! cheers to a long happy marriage! love you guys!


extremely fun wedding = a very very sick jessica the next day
sorry, no pictures were taken…hehe

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another giveaway is upon y’all!
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i mean look at how cute this candle is that i got as a gift… img_8959it’s a texas mug! so awesome!

check out these other gorgeous ones they have,


i might enter my own giveaway…the gold one and pink frosted ones are calling my name! yasssss!
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on to the giveaway!

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H A P P Y  E A S T E R !

just a quick update: i am still currently in texas but i will be leaving today at 6 pm. i am about to dive into a big ol table of crawfish! yummy! i have never had crawfish before so this is going to be interesting. i’ll let y’all know how it goes tomorrow in “our weekend adventures”.

as you know, i hosted my very first giveaway and it ended this friday at midnight.
i am so flattered and humbled by the amount of entries. you guys rock!

and the winner is…….



CONGRATULATIONS, GIRL! and thank you so much for entering.
please respond to my email at your earliest convenience to redeem your prizes. if you guys have a chance to check out her blog {www.morganetoile.com} please do so! it’s such a great blog.

thank y’all so much for entering. i hope that i keep all of you as followers. i promise i’m pretty entertaining. haha
i love all of you so so much!

here is how i chose a winner. let’s give a little round of applause for my little helper miss avery tate. **clap clap clap**

IMG_7988 i wrote down each contestant along with the number of entries each person got.IMG_7990 then i wrote {technically i had a friend write them down} the numbers on each piece of paper. example: jess entered the giveaway 3 times her number is 1, i wrote three number 1 on three pieces of paper. IMG_7991then we stuck them all in a cute little easter basket…
IMG_7992 isn’t miss avery the cutest! love her, thanks for drawing sweetie! IMG_7995 lucky number 10!!!

eeeeep! congratulations again, Morgan!

i hope every one has a great rest of their easter sunday.


chihuly garden & glass exhibit

i love you guys, wanna know why? because i’m typing this 30,000 feet in the air to keep my mind off that i am 30,000 feet in the air. i decided to blog while i’m flying down to texas so that i won’t freak the FUCK out. so sorry for the language but it’s necessary. i did take my happy pills and drank a strong mimosa…nope, still freaking out.
but here we go, on to the post.

a couple weekends back cale, myself & jaz took a little day adventure to downtown seattle to tour the chihuly garden & glass exhibit. i’ve heard so many wonderful things about this exhibit and seen so many beautiful weddings here, so i had to see what all the fuss was about.
i was not disappointed.

this man’s work is exquisite. every detail is so intricately done that it’s insane! every single piece is hand blown…wow!

i hope you guys enjoy his work as much as i did.

IMG_5130beautiful right?

IMG_5135 i didn’t really stick around to listen to the tour leaders spiel about who these people were or why they were featured in chihuly’s museum but each and every one of them fascinated me. i am native american, part sioux and chippewa, that’s where i get my big cheek bones from.  i love how much more of the native american culture is more prominent here in seattle than in texas. you say pow wow and i’m there!


IMG_5138 look, just LOOK at this. beautiful!



IMG_5145 this was jaz’s favorite. she said it looked like a jungle. which i think is what he was going for. hehe





IMG_5161 this one was my favorite!

IMG_5166 look at that detail! so freaking cool!

IMG_5168 this was coolest part of the exhibit. this is the spot where people have their weddings…swoon right?!?

okay now we are going to get mushy.

IMG_5176 IMG_5178 these two… i love it!

chihuly IMG_5198 jaz stole the camera and just started snapping away.

IMG_5202 oh you know. being the goon mom that i am. hehe i got skills.

IMG_5211 IMG_5214 IMG_5221 IMG_5251 IMG_5252 we ventured off into seattle center and had some fun by the fountain. it was cold but that wasn’t stopping the kids from jumping around in it….crazies.

i will bid y’all farewell with this gorgeous flower that jaz picked. she has a good eye for picking the perfect flowers.

i know this was a long one so thank you for hanging in there till the end!
till next time!!!


a very happy texan girl

our weekend adventures


IMG_5321 i launched our very first giveaway! i cannot express my excitement and gratitude on the amount of entries i have gotten! i’ve gotten about 25+ plus all the extras they did to enter additional ways. you guys are too awesome! good luck to each and every one of you!

don’t forget to enter our giveaway {here} you have until the end of this week. (April 3, 2015)

IMG_7842 friday’s ootd
skinnies // similar {here}
chambray button down // {here}
shoes // {here}


IMG_7843 saturday’s ootd
yes i was a repeat offender with the chambray but i have like 5 different chambray shirts so technically, it’s different.
pants // {here} love this boutique and it’s super fast shipping!
booties // similar {here}

IMG_7848 what’s a weekend without a stop at target? we saw the cutest puppies! they had little hair ties in their hair and i about died.

IMG_7852 ugh… i tell cale over and over don’t schedule an oil change on a weekend you work…i always get suckered into getting the most expensive checkup and i just nod like i know what they are talking about. grrrr when they told me that it was going to take TWO HOURS to change my oil, i kindly asked for a rental. let’s just say that i felt like a spoiled brat because i couldn’t even back up without my backup camera. {eye roll} first world problems right? slap me.

IMG_7854 after the two hours were up, guess what jaz & i had to do? oh yeah…wait some more… i was so irritated at the end of the day that i went home and took a nap which i never do!

IMG_7857 we got invited to celebrate one of our dear friend’s birthday at an indian restaurant and this little love bug was there! miss neva diva lives in couer d’alene, idaho so we don’t get to see her and her parents very often so this was such a treat!
happy birthday, tyler!


IMG_7866unfortunately, sunday starts off at night for you guys. cale & i woke up at 7:30 thanks to our damn cats, i facetimed by “person” and then, honestly, fell back to sleep until 1 pm. {gasp} i never do that! so sunday chores got off to a late start.

then we went to dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant, i didn’t order my normal thing, WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE. always order your favorite…always.

so this was basically my night. blogging, tallying up contestants for the giveaway {!!!} and watching 19 kids and counting.

IMG_7865 here’s a peace offering for my boring weekend. my kid and my incredibly long kitty cat. we got so lucky with lulu for how tolerable she is with jazmina. chandler, on the other hand, is not. whoops.

i am going to apologize in advance if my “our weekend adventures” for this coming weekend is late. i’m going to texas, y’all!!!! i am so so excited. i’m excited to see my friends and family, i’m excited to meet with new vendors but i am ECSTATIC to see and try on my dress for the first time! when i tried her on at the boutique, she was a completely different color than what i ordered, so it’ll be like a completely different dress! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!

please tell me what you did this weekend to take my mind off having to get on a plane wednesday. i’m such a baby


100 followers **GIVEAWAY**-CLOSED

YOU.GUYS! 100 followers?!

i know this has been long overdue and i apologize immensely! i’ve been so picky with what i wanted to thank you guys with! but seriously, thank you so much for supporting my creative outlet. it really means so much! i started this blog just thinking it would be a place that i could jot down all my thoughts that were too long for a facebook status but now it’s my hobby! it’s something i look forward to doing. i still haven’t got my style down pat yet but who cares, right?

i love being able to connect with other bloggers that may be thinking the same things i am and just reassuring me i am not a total nut! so thank you for that, thank you for indulging in my weirdness!

enough of the mushy gushy let’s get to the goodies!

open to legal residents (18 years of age or older) of the u.s. only. if i get to 500 followers i will open it up internationally. fingers crossed! 


my most favorite products that could be yours! {worth $55+)

{1} urban decay – naked basics palette – i use this palette every single day! i like a more subtle nude/brown eye rather than a bright eyeshadow or a smokey <black> eye. this is the best palette for said, subtle, eye. most of the colors are matte and go on so smooth. love love love

{1} eos – lip balm in vanilla mint – uhm, if you have not tried this lip balm yet, you.are.missing.out! 1) it tastes amazing 2) it makes my lips so soft 3) it keeps them moisturized with all the pesky matte lipsticks i use.

{2} 3.2 oz voluspa candles {via anthropologie}- santiago huckleberry & goji tarocco orange are cale and i’s favorite scents. my absolute favorite is bourbon vanille but they didn’t have any smaller sizes in that scent…so…sorry. eep! but goji is my favorite too!

{1} 2 oz it’s a 10 – miracle leave-in product – if you have curly or frizzy hair, this will be your best friend! to tame my hair i would usually have to put a pound of mousse along with some gel to get it to not frizz but now just a few squirts of this stuff and it’s like magic in a teeny bottle. i love the way it smells too.

rules to enter:

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**winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected. i was not paid or given these products. i purchased each item myself and were based off of my own opinions. **

thanks again you guys & good luck!