delicious turkey wraps

and a happy hump day to you fine folk!
it’s recipe time and today i’m talking about yummy healthy turkey wraps!
with a little over 3 months until the wedding, i am trying to eat healthy-ish, and these were so easy!

let’s go!

what you’ll need:
large tortillas {i used wheat}
fresh turkey from the deli {boar’s head is the bomb}
homemade ranch {use low fat mayo}
red onions
low fat pepper jack shredded cheese

IMG_6051 look at how delicious this looks! i ate almost half the stack before i actually started making the wraps…fresh turkey is the best!

IMG_6053 alrighty, chop all those veggies up. the lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and onions.

IMG_6058 after you heat the tortillas up, either in a skillet or as hispanics call it…a comal, add a few lines of your ranch you made. you don’t have to make it but low fat ranch store bought is yucky tasting.

IMG_6054 add just a little bit of lettuce. remember that you have to roll this up so don’t use too much.

IMG_6059 add your turkey!!

IMG_6060 now this is important, you must add the following toppings in this exact order…tomatoes, avocado {extra if you know what’s good for you} onion and finally cheese. BAM!

IMG_6062 roll once, tuck in the sides and then keep rolling. don’t be afraid to roll it tight. if you heated the tort correctly, it won’t break.

IMG_6064 now cut in half and go to town! and by town i mean eat it…eat it all.


i made cale’s a little more loosely. more like a burrito, if you will. still just as yummy, just make sure to hold the bottom!

and VOILA! yummy deliciousness!

i hope you have a great week!
thanks for stopping by!

chef jess!

pure barre challenge-class 10/50

i wanted to start this year off right and healthy! i made some new years resolutions, that you can find {here}, and one of them was to complete two pure barre challenges… what did i get myself into!

first challenge – 50 classes in 60 days. this means 6 classes a week with one rest day. this may sound easy to some but then they’ve probably never taken a barre class. it is hell. especially since i have to take a 6 am class on fridays since the studios near me don’t offer evening classes on weekends.

so here are my thoughts and my results…thoughts will be every 10 classes along with measurements. and i will post before and after pictures at the very end.

measurements – before: class 10
weight – 128.7 lbs – 124.4 lbs
arms – 11.5 in. – 11 in.
chest – 36 in. – 35.5 in.
waist – 28 in. – 26.5 in.
hips – 39 in. – 38 in.
thighs – 22 in. – 21 in. 

yay for progress, even if it is little, right?! i am very pleased with these results thus far. my goal here is not to lose weight but to become tone. i am pretty tiny already {height wise} so i don’t want to be short and stick thin. it’s taken some time for me to love my curves and i’m still working on it but i think that’s what makes a woman a woman, ya know? my target area is my back roll…haha! i have a teeny waist, look at my measurements…waist goes from a 26.5 then my big ol’ hips jump up to a 38…holy smokes. i guess that’s the mexican in me. my hips ain’t lying, y’all. but since i do have a small waist, my “fat” likes to sit right ton top of those big hips giving me a back roll. my wedding dress has absolutely no time for that. so the progress in my waist is a huge accomplishment for me!

thoughts & feelings:
it has finally gotten to a point where i am no longer sore the day after but i’m sore RIGHT after class. the first 5 classes i was dying. seriously, dying. this may sound strange but i begged cale to massage my butt while i yelped in pain. it just hurt so good!
i am sleeping better though, which is great because i was going through this bout of insomnia right before the challenge started. i do feel a little more energized throughout the day but my migraines are returning with a vengeance and i’m not sure if it’s because i’m not really letting my body rest or if i’m just a pansy.

you would think that taking so many classes it would build up my stamina right? negative ghost rider! i have never been a fan of the thigh workouts but i really am not a fan now. my legs have sooooo much lactic acid just hanging out in there that it is impossible for me to stay in a position. more less a pulse, yeah right! i’ll take abs and seat work over thigh work anyday! {whiny session done}

i also just wanted to mention how incredibly lucky i am to have such a supportive fiancé, supportive with this challenge and with this blog. the last class at the barre studios are at 8pm, so when i get home from picking jaz up from school i get to cooking and then wait for him to get home. as soon as he walks in the door i give him a hello/goodbye kiss and leave for barre, leaving him with daddy duties {daily reading, homework if we haven’t finished it, cleaning the kitchen, and tucking our minion in} and he reads every blog post i put up {sometimes he leaves snarky comments} and tells me how good it was. okay, i’ll stop with the mushy gushy & will only add this; thank you honey for being the awesome sauce that you are!

here’s to another 10 classes!

see y’all at 20 classes!


healthy cucumber, tomato & onion salad

welcome back to food friday with yours truly,
chef jess.

this recipe is fast, simple, healthy, and delicious!
there are so many things you can do with this to make it your own.


what you’ll need:
1 medium sized cucumber
cherry tomatoes {or you can use whatever tomatoes you’d like, just be sure to deseed them}
1/2 white onion
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
1/2 tbsp olive oil {it doesn’t have to be extra virgin like i have pictured}
1 tsp oregano
salt and pepper to taste {remember, i don’t cook with salt because of puffiness}



{first} chop all the veggies. i sliced the cucumber about 3/4in. then quartered the slices. some people like to just half the slices…hey man, whatever floats your boat. then i halved the cherry tomato. {if you’re using a whole tomato you might want to quarter your slices}. then for the dreaded onion {i only say dreaded because my eyes want to crawl out of my sockets and die} i just cut it into slices. you could dice it if you’d like…again, whatever tickles your pickle. {inappropriate? maybe}

{second} add the vinegar, oil, oregano and salt & pepper {only if you want} then mix it all up!
-here’s where you can get creative. sometimes i add chili powder, red pepper flakes, maybe some minced garlic. try something new with it and make it your own!

{third} once you’re done with all the mixing and experimenting you’ll want to cover it and stick it in the fridge for 45 minutes-1 hour. it’s best when cold plus all the flavors get to sit with one another and mingle. mmmm you could also flash freeze it if need be {if you needed it asap for a dinner because you forgot a side…whoopsie} no ingredient used in this recipe was hot so there is no risk of temperature shocking anything. yay!

and here you go! a light side to go with dinner or a snack in between meals!

i hope you enjoyed this easy peezy recipe! let me know what you think if you try it!
thanks for stopping by!!

chef jess