our weekend adventures


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well we were supposed to go to delfino’s pizza but we got lazy and didn’t want to drive that far so we settled for redddd robin…finish it…YUMMMMM! i had been craving a bloody mary so i finally got to have one!


this is what we woke up to, y’all! nothing but blue skies and sun! it was absolutely gorgeous!

always. a. goon.

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crepes were calling our names so we went to our favorite place in northgate, jewel box! spicy sausage and nutella please!

what a beaut. i’ll take whatever help i can get when she’s a teenager.

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we got to celebrate this little big boy’s first birthday! such a cutie!!

little miss lily grace, i will always steal you from your parents. always.

after all the birthday shenanigans {and mimosas} we ended the night with some double stuff oreos! i often forget that i have a crazy beautiful wedding gown that i need to fit into. whoopsie!


welp… no rest for the wicked. up & at em early in the morning…notice, cale is still in bed… sighhhh.

one thing i love love love about cleaning house on sundays is that my shoes get restocked and it’s glorious. a woman can never have enough shoes. did you hear that, honey? never enough! 

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jaz & i took a little trip to targè and she was so fascinated about the cart escalator…i mean… it’s pretty damn cool. and icee’s, i think she loves these things so much because i dreamed about them when i was pregnant…either that or sugar. it’s probably the sugar.

quick stop at whole foods to get the essentials…cheese & wine. jaz’s favorite part of going to whole foods is picking out her free fruit!

we made some pickles!!!!

and dinner is served. nom nom nom!

if you live in seattle, please tell me you got out this weekend!
what did everyone get into this weekend??
happy monday!


our weekend adventures


friday was boring and i was pooped so i just laid in bed and read this book. unfortunately, it still hasn’t captured my attention yet and i’m on chapter 5. eep! i hope it picks up soon!

saturday {valentine’s day!} 

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look at all the goodies we woke up to!

cale got me the most hilarious card from etsy! “couples that fart together, stay together.” how awesome is he!? haha we now have so many fresh flowers in the house and i love it! we decided not to go big this valentines day because, well… we have a big extravagant wedding we are paying for OURSELVES. lol so roses and sugar wafers {i’ve been missing my papa lately} for me and lots of candy and a big ol’ balloon for him.

later in the morning/afternoon we were invited to go celebrate our dear friend’s birthday. happy birthday, misha! y’all should go check out her blog… {emerald city diaries}!!



dangggg E, so sorry for interrupting playtime with uncle cale! y’all, i can’t get enough of this precious baby girl!

on a different note… you see those veins popping out of my hand? ya, those things hurt! they usually only pop out when i eat too much salt but this time it was unprovoked. anyone else have this problem? am i dying? i must be dying.

after the birthday soiree, we went to our favorite steakhouse. we waited for an hour & forty five minutes, but it was well worth it! look at how they serve their cocktails! i wanted to steal the mini vase thing! it’s so cute!!

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dinner was delectable! oh my goodness! filet mignon and garlic shrimp…uhm yes please!


i sometimes think that i’m super woman and can drink 5 mimosas without paying for it the next day. yeah, i’m not superwoman. so a big breakfast was necessary sunday morning.

if you live in seattle…did you go outside?!?!! it was absolutely gorgeous! thank you for the sun seattle! lulu quite enjoyed herself.

this was my life. laundry on laundry on laundry. bleh

but at least i had a helper!

whew! it was a jam-packed valentine’s weekend! and jaz & i have off today for president’s day woohoo! let’s see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into!

what did you and your special valentine do?

oh oh!!! in case you missed it…
…go check out my valentine’s day inspired outfit! {here}