baby a : 2 months

2 months!

and just like that, austin is 2 months! and what a great month!
we are cooing so much more now! i’ve learned when and how to get the most of this guy’s little voice. he has to be completely full, diaper changed and propped up. sometimes he’ll coo up a storm on his back but more often than not he has to be propped up on the boppy!

wanna hear something amazing?? austin never spits up! that’s impossible you say?? but it’s not and it’s amazing! jaz used to spit up all the time so everything smelled like baby puke but not this guy! there was one night that he projectile vomited his bottle but that’s because i’m an idiot and let him down a full 4 oz bottle without stopping to burp him. doh! my bust! but even then it was right back up as soon as it went down and hadn’t even curdled yet so it doesn’t count!

how many moms are familiar with the 8 week growth spurt?? what a freaking doozy! literally happened overnight. he slept from 9 to 6 and i was like oh my god, i have the most perfect baby! that morning he woke up, ate, took a 20 minute nap, woke up was hungry again ate 2 more oz…took a 10 minute nap, woke up ATE AGAIN! THIS WAS THE WHOLE DAY FOR 4 DAYS! i’m almost positive he gained 3 pounds in just one week. cale and i had to google, “can i overfeed my infant” apparently you can’t so that’s good to know.
and because he wasn’t napping, he was sooooo fussy. however, he did let us sleep at night so THANK GOD! it was rough you guys but just like it started, he went back to his normal routine overnight.

i’ve tried to keep him on as much of a schedule as i can. not so much during the day but just in the morning and at night. morning time, he’ll wake up around 4:30 eat, burp, get a diaper change and go back to sleep till around 6 where he gets a little fussy. i’ll get him out of the bassinet and snuggle with him a bit. at 7 i’ll nurse him which usually won’t fill him up so then at 8 we supplement with a bottle. then its off to take jaz to school. at night i am trying to get him down when we put jaz to bed which is at 8 but that hasn’t really been working in my favor. so he’s usually down by 10 and won’t wake up till 4:30.

we had another sickness run through our home again and taking out both jaz and cale so we are really working on getting everyone healthy again. jaz seems to be back to normal so i’ve been letting her feed him and hold him as much as he will let her since she will be leaving next week for her summer break in texas. she won’t be back till august! get in as much baby snugs as possible!!!!

turning 2 months old comes with the icky first set of vaccinations…blegh! that happens later today so i will update you on how that went next month! i know austin will be a champ, it’s more me i’m worried about since i will be alone. 😦 i’ll probably cry. get it together mom!

it’s been another great month home with my boy! he is proving to be the most chill baby ever which, according to my mother-in-law, is just like his papa!

likes // still loves his baths, loves when women sing {men not so much}
dislikes // getting his hair brushed…but loves when i wash it, weird boy,
weighs // 12.3 pounds
length // not sure we will see at the doctors today! but he is in 3-6 month clothes sooooo
eye color // dark slate grey, still! yessss!
hair color // black brown
nicknames // mr.sweetface, a, duderz, bud, handsome
sleeping through the night? // kind of? 10-4:30
tummy time? // working on it! not his fave but he enjoys his mirror!

happy 2 months baby boy! 

our weekend adventures


can you tell i have a type a personality? i have to make lists on days that i am just way too busy to keep my priorities straight. do you make to-do lists?

that was the only picture i had for friday. we had to go pick up the u-haul truck and load up the rest of our house.


we woke up early and kept loading everything in the truck! this guy didn’t even have time to throw some water in his hair to tame that bed head!

what a creep.

lucky for me, our friends lived right down the road from our storage unit! they actually just came to buy our coffee and end tables buttttt, i recruited his help so that us wives could sit in the truck and play pokemon!!

after two trips to the storage unit, we had some time to check in on our new home! if you follow me on snapchat {@jaevas} and you should, then you got to vote on how i should put the furniture in the formal living room! thank you for everyone’s help! numero uno was the weener!
aren’t my drawings just the best??

img_3492 img_3493
after all of the moving shenanigans, we went to our friends house for a little gamenight! isn’t this pickle lady the cutest??


sunday morning we got to sleep in a little but not too late because we had to get up and load the uhaul again! but this time with trash to take to the dump! goodness gracious am i sore! after all the heavy lifting we treated ourselves to some carbful goodness! tempura fried pickles are the best!!

we also had to catch them all while lunching.

we needed to pick up something from homegoods for the kitties and we found this to be quite funny…can you spot cale? hehe

everytime we run to petco we always stop to play with the kittens first. this old guy was so sweet!

if you don’t have a target red card…you should. don’t worry, it’s not a credit card! i mean you can get a target credit card but i don’t…i have the debit card! it’s linked directly to my bank account just like a normal debit card BUT i save 5% every time i use it! okay that’s #1. #2: have you downloaded cartwheel ? no? THEN GET WITH THE GAME PEOPLE! so many good deals to be had on that app! oh my goodness! and finally #3, download the regular target app and keep an eye on the mobile coupons…do not confuse those coupons to be part of cartwheel…THEY ARE SEPERATE!!!
just this trip alone i saved $21.49…that’s like a free shirt!
so why are you not saving? start saving!
k i’m done… 🙂

i went and traded in my charge for this sleek beauty! fitbit alta, you get me.

it was another busy weekend for us andersons. we thought that we were going to be moving out and into our friends house but a little snafu happened and we were able to stay another week in our house!
we are, however, on the homestretch of closing on our current home! the appraisal is in and now it’s just paperwork time! if everything goes smoothly, we will close with the buyers this friday! wahoooooo!!!!

hope everyone had a great weekend!


our weekend adventures

can i just recap on my awesome trip to colorado last weekend?

we walked around the denver botanic gardens and it was beautiful!
here are few more!

IMG_8296 IMG_8322
look how beautiful!!!

this lovely lady played chauffeur to us all weekend! love you rhi!

i had the best girls weekend!

k now back to our normal shenanigans!


jaz & cale got me a little betta fishy for my birthday!! blog family, meet franklin da fishy aka-frankie!
oh man do i love him! he just stares at me like this all day. my poor co-worker that sits next to me, she has to endure baby talk alllllll day.

it was a dear friend’s last day and the probation officers had this made specially for her. it was so beautiful!!


i gladly volunteered to go get coffee in cale’s new whip. after totaling his car a couple weeks back he finally chose a keeper!

while i was in colorado, my hubby worked on building a little pantry in our closet under out stairs. it’s amazing what a difference a few shelves can make!

spring cleaning day for mama bear while baby & papa bear got to building the new deck! i seriously cannot wait for that thing to done! it’s going to be so nice!

sorry for the worst quality picture ever but we let lulu out on the leash and she loved it!
adventure kitty!


someone woke up with a wicked sun burn. eek!

SOS! i just noticed that i am missing my matching kendra scott necklace! uhhhhh you guys i am so bummed! i must have left it somewhere in colorado. seriously….so upset!

happy early mommy’s day to me! i am so excited for these new babies!

we shaved lulu’s belly by ourselves and found a lump. cale thinks it’s nothing but of course i’m freaking out. a little lump could be a huge sickness. insert crying face here. 😦 i love my lusers.

mother’s day cards are signed, stamped and will be put in the mail!
gifts are already on their way!
what did you get your mommas/gmas?

another beautiful weekend for seattle. i kept an eye on the weather all week just to prepare for our deep spring cleaning! i was so pumped to get down in dirty and clean every nook and crevice and then i ripped/tore/stretched something in my lower back that is excruciating. so my wind was very quickly swept away so only the kitchen got a deep cleaning. the rest of the house just got a normal, sunday cleaning. whomp whomp…there’s always next weekend!

cale poured the concrete for our new deck and finished the pantry! our little house projects are coming along nicely! our house will be ready to sell in no time!

hope you guys had a great weekend! what kind of shenanigans did you get into??
what are y’alls plans for mother’s day?


our weekend adventures


cale is still in the midst of home projects which does this to my floors…. i can’t wait till it’s all done!


cale was scheduled to work this weekend and couldn’t give it up so you know what that means…
mommy & baby’s day out!

first stop was to get the nails did. in love with this tiffany blue!

we went to every home decor store to try and find something for our new shelf in the living room, but no dice. so we ended up at nordstrom’s cafe to get my favorite salad!

it has arrived!!!
during our wedding ceremony, instead of mixing sand for the unity ceremony, we mixed little glass pieces. we each chose a color significant to us. cale chose green, for the emerald city and to symbolize growth, i chose white to symbolize new beginnings and jaz chose pink…well because…her favorite color is pink haha. once the wedding was over we sent our mixed glass to a phenomenal glass blower to create this beautiful sculpture for us to have as a forever keepsake of our amazing wedding day! we are so happy with how it turned out and will forever cherish it!
all of the amazing credit to UNITY IN GLASS, if you are a bride-to-be or know of someone getting married soon, i could not recommend this company more. they have so many different sculptures to choose from! ahhh you will not be disappointed!


seahawks had a 10am kickoff…who does that?? so coffee and no makeup was a must!
but uhhhh…DID YOU SEE THAT GAME??!?!?!!?
holy shit balls. it damn near gave me a fuggin heart attack! i feel so bad for minnesota’s kicker though…that has to be rough. eek.
but wahooooooo!!! next up, the cardinals.

someone stole my mug…

made my favorite white bean chicken chili! nom nom nom

this might be one of the worst things that’s happened to me! my clothes broke our rack in the closet! of course this only fueled cale’s endless rant about me having too much clothes. yada yada yada. whoopsie

how was your weekend? did you watch that game?!


our weekend adventures {long}



every year we have put up our christmas tree on thanksgiving night {or at least close to it} and this year, because jazmyne was going to be going to texas for thanksgiving, we figured we would do it a little early. last year was when we started doing the time lapse video and i think it’ll stay. you can watch that ⇒{here}⇐ on my facebook. it’s a fun way to capture a family tradition throughout the years.

this was taken on wednesday but i love it and even though she will only be gone for a few days {she comes back monday} i will still miss her so much. split custody is hard…but split custody living states away is a million times harder.

we headed to the airport thanksgiving morning to send jaz on her way. do you guys know how many times i have been at the seatac airport this year? this is my 16th time… seriously. not even remotely kidding, although i wish i were. it’s been a busy travel year for me. i hate this place.

after dropping of the minas, cale and i headed to a friends house whose animals we were looking after while they were on vacation. apparently, thanksgiving in seattle means driving like complete idiots. so many accidents meant hours of sitting in traffic.

little miss eleanor! love this precious girl so so much!

we were invited over to our friends family’s home for dinner and they just adopted the cutest kittens!!! you know this crazy cat lady was all over them! eeee such little bittles!

we played quite the prank on our facebook friends that night… we captioned this picture with :
“we have so so much to be thankful for! I’M EXPECTING….
….a huge poop tomorrow! hahahahaha”
cale and i thought it was hilarious…others weren’t too amused and actually fell for it because they didn’t click ‘see more’. oh boy, it’s going to suck when we actually do get pregnant and i announce it because no one is going to believe me! haha
the girl who cried pregnant, i guess huh?
ahhh too funny!

we ended the night with a good ol’ game of cards against humanity…this game is ruthless!


i decided to brave the crowds with a friend for black friday deals…i got a serious amount of loot at costco, woop woop!

this was the only picture from that day. after shopping all day and having a few too many glasses of wine the night before, i threw on some jim jams and we watched the last hunger games movie to make sure we were caught up before we went and saw the new one.


cale and i woke up and decided that it was going to be ‘date day!‘ we basically haven’t had any alone time since the honeymoon so i was so excited! we decided to start it off with crepes & coffee at our favorite little cafe in seattle.

part 2 of date daythe hunger games mocking jay part 2. oh goodness. this was a great movie! we thoroughly enjoyed it. just make sure to refresh you memory on the last movie, it literally picks up exactly where it left off. but we would definitely recommend going and watching this.

part 3 of date day, we made a little pit stop at hobby lobby for some light clips for the house before we went and met up with cale’s brother and his wife at a new pizza place down the street from our houses. it was a double date!
check out this ombre sky though! seattle has been just gorgeous this weekend! clear blue skies every day and amazing sunsets.


alright….so scratch what i just said about the weather…this is what we woke up to sunday morning. yikes! hello fog!

so bundled up to put the lights up on the house! it’s cold, ya’ll!

such a goon.

costco for the win! love these candy canes and presents!!

ya’ll know what this means!!!
our first family holiday card as the andersons!!
our first holiday card ever, actually, so you can imagine how pumped i am! these go out on monday!

cale and i decided that we were just going to focus on mina girl this year since, i dunno…we just had an extravagant wedding and an incredible honeymoon a little less than 2 months ago! haha we figured that was a big enough present to last all year long.
it’s not even december yet, i’m terrified to see what her stash will look like at christmas!

even though jaz was in texas, cale and i still had a great time. it’s easier for me when she is only gone for a few days rather than a whole month like in the summer. and sometimes it’s nice to just spend some adult time with my husband but i want my baby back…like now.
i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and that you got to spend it with the ones you love the very most.
what kind of traditions do you and your family do?
is your christmas tree up? has christmas spirit officially hit your home??
ohhhh did you make out like a bandit for black friday?? tell me all about it!!

thanks for stopping by!


our weekend adventures


i posted my bridals friday morning, did you see???
if you missed it, you can read all about dori →{here}←

work this week was a doozy…we are getting audited in all of our departments {payroll, accounts payable and grants} and i’m about to pull my hair out! bleghhhhh! so coming home to this view in our neighborhood was the calmness that i needed. yay for fridays!

lulu had a rough week too.


hopefully jaz’s last game!!! its starting to get cold and rainy so we are crossing our fingers that this will be here last game for the season!

look at us big babies! but seriously…it was friggen cold!

after mina’s game, cale wanted to stop by a little swedish store to get his favorite goat cheese and cracker thing {tastes awful….} and we decided to play dress up instead!

winter is almost here which means…lulu’s fur is getting long! time to start the brushing!!


we met up with our good friends and their babies for dimsum! yum yum yum!!

and yes i got my baby fix! little miss eleanor, y’all! so chunky and so sweet!!!!

jaz got her baby fix too! these two are something else!

i just can’t get enough! and yes…jaz had a wardrobe change…sighhh…what have i created!

friendsgiving is next weekend and i volunteered to do the turkey again…just as long as i didn’t have to host! haha hosting last year was quite the chore and planning that AND a wedding would have killed me. not to toot my own horn…but uh…BOTH of my turkeys last year turned out fantastically….ahem {toot toot}. i’m excited! yay food!

i had a couple of my neighbor friends over for some snacks and wine to catch them up on how the wedding went and to catch up on all the things i missed while i was in wedding lala land! it’s always a good time with my ladies!

hoped you stayed dry this weekend! it was quite the soggy one.
for the most part, our weekend was pretty quiet, which was so nice. laying around the house in our pjs while it’s raining is seriously the best!
quiet weekends are my jam!!

what did you do??

jess sig

our weekend adventures


i went and picked up my custom jewelry and veil!!!!! swoon! it’s getting so close!

my new favorite sweater from mindy mae’s market! 

we came home to the cutest thank you card from little miss eloise!!


so cale’s momma has been in town for a while now but his dad came up to join too! so we all went out for crepes and coffee to catch up.

IMG_0108 IMG_0110
my poor honey has been battling a wicked cold since thursday and after some yucky coughing he finally decided to go see the doc. i hate seeing him so sick 😦

after the doctor i dropped jaz and cale off with his parents and made a quick trip to the salon…my nails looked awful! and if you follow me on instagram {@jess_vasquez08} you’ll know that i jumped on the fall train since it was cold and rainy here. so i thought i’d tie it all together with a super fall color…deep purple!

IMG_0113 IMG_0116
we went over to cale’s brother’s house for a big ol’ anderson get together! which also included this big guy! such a sweet boy!


we woke up a bit late so we grabbed lunch instead of breakfast with cale’s parents and his sister. about halfway through our meal we gained a little friend. she was so cute!

we ran to fedex to send off a complete invitation suite to our photographer and to finish off a wedding project. eeeeeee!

and low & behold…i am sick. we really thought cale’s sicky thing was allergies but as it turns out, it’s not. right around the time i started feeling icky, jaz started coughing…yay!
so hot tea, phò and ice cream was what was on the menu for the rest of the night.

monday-labor day!

i woke up feeling awful. A W F U L!! so i woke up here and i stayed here, all day. no shame.

i did manage to crank out a post though on my fall must haves and you can find that {here}

seriously, this is what i did all day. sprinkle some cat naps in there and you have yourself an awesome labor day! ughhhhhh i hate being sick. 😦

well i hope you guys had a great 3-day weekend! ours could have been so great but our health had other plans, hmph. but it was great to spend time with all of cale’s family, those guys are such a hoot, i can’t wait to be an anderson too!

stay healthy everyone! lots and lots of vitamin c for me!