our weekend adventures


our cherry blossoms are a bloomin! seattle is so gorgeous this time of year!

big things are happening to our back deck!
the white square is what we have now….LOOK HOW BIG IT’S GOING TO BE!
so much room for activities! ps. my husband is awesome and so handy!

img_2197 img_2301
we had an appointment down in wallingford {seattle neigborhood} and had some free time afterwards.
it was a beautiful day so we took a stroll and ended up in front of our favorite cupcake shop…what a coinkidink.


it’s that time of year again where the tulips are taking over skagit county!
we haven’t had weather this beautiful in a while so we thought what a perfect day to make the trip to see some pretty flowers!


and queue the hanger.
i think i should really work on my emotions when i get hungry. i’m such a scary person. i’ll blame it on the low blood sugar…sorry, honey!

cale worked his magic and found the nearest burger joint. phew!


sunday morning coffee runs are a real treat for your eyes.

sundays are for cleaning and for pretty blooms all throughout the house!

a little bit of an ulta haul.
venus embrace – because my legs were in need of some major help!
biolage shampoo & conditioner – i always seem to find my way back to biolage after trying new shampoos. it really is the best.
revlon all in one mascara – saw this on tv and said why not? so far, meh. i have to play with it a little more.
biosilk silk therapy – shiniest and softest hair ever because of this goodness.
maybelline age rewind illuminator – for those condemning circles under my eyeballs.
formula 10.0.6 deep down detox mud mask – ulta reviewers rave about this mask so i’ll give it a go!
and claritin because screw you too allergies!

all the links above are shoppable 🙂

img_2314 img_2315
totally forgot that it was my birthday month, thank goodness ulta didn’t!

if you follow me on snapchat { @jaevas } then you got a step by step dinner instruction on these yummy stuffed steak rolls! stuffed with mushroom, onion and green pepper.
cale hates mushrooms but he loved these! so yummy!

it was such a gorgeous weekend here in the pnw! sun was out, mountains views were crystal clear and everyone was enjoying the outdoors!
unfortunately my allergies got the best of me and i laid pretty low on sunday. can i just be healthy for like a week?

what did you do this weekend?


loving it in…

Loving It In...

keurig 2.0 k200– i love mine!! i have this exact model and color and again, i love it! it is perfect for the office and brews a ridiculously hot cup o’joe.

contigo 32 oz water bottle – i have this in pink {duh}. I was on the hunt for a bigger water bottle because my 24 oz one just wasn’t cutting it! i drink A TON of water a day and 32 oz is the perfect amount! now, instead of making a trip to the water fountain 6-8 times a day i am only going 3-4! yes!! i purchased mine from target and they have so many colors!

mac mineralize skin finish – yes yes and more yes. this is the perfect shimmer highlight that every makeup guru needs in their collection. it gives you that perfect little shimmer to help make your highlight pop!

maybelline instant age rewind concealor – i was watching a highlight tutorial and the makeup blogger was using this and just raved about it. so i grabbed some on one of my target runs and will never buy an expensive concealer again. i love the way this glides on and as long as you set your makeup correctly, no creases! woop!

can you guys believe that it is already february? what in the world??? 2016 just needs to sloww down!!

do you have some favorites that you’ve been loving?
what are they??


products i’m in love with

i just wanted to do a quick, little post about some recent items that i have fallen completely in love with!
i had used the same products for so long that i started wondering if maybe there might be some new products that i might love more.
i am thrilled with of these products!
november favorites

1 }  prep & prime from mac – let me start out by saying, i never used a primer. i didn’t understand them nor did i want to get my hands messy. now let me retract everything i have ever thought about a primer and sit down. ya’ll, this stuff is my jam!! first off, it’s a spray not a lotion, which…halleluh because, no mess! it’s incredibly light weight and it makes my foundation slide on like a dream! oh and it smells nice.

2 } be curly by aveda – as you have seen in my last weekend adventure post, i chopped all of my hair off {eek!}. my stylist suggested i try this stuff when i wanted to wear my hair natural. i was skeptical at first as i have tried every product imaginable to tame my curls and waves but i decided to give this product a go. holy grail of curly hair products. not joking. i’ll leave it there.

3 } butterfly mascara by l’oreal – so far my favorite drugstore mascara, however…i am still on the hunt for that holy grail. i always jump the gun and say ‘omg this is best mascara, ever!’ and then continue to use it and realize meh, not so much. but so far so good, it definitely lengthens!

4 } studio sculpt by mac – yes yes yes! i was using kat von d’s foundation but it started to get too cakey for me so i went into mac and had them play around with my face. and holy yes! i love this foundation because you can literally use a pea size drop and it will fully cover your face. or, during those pesky times of the month, you can layer it and still look natural! love love love!

5 } stipled brush from mac – i have all the sizes, large, medium and mini… that is just how much i love love love them. i use the medium brush for my morning application and finish it with the large brush and then i keep the mini in my purse for little touch-ups throughout the day. these make my makeup look like it was airbrushed

6 } mineral veil by bareminerals – this stuff…oh boy this stuff is a miracle in a little container. this sets my foundation beautifully and makes it last all day. somedays when i don’t feel like putting on foundation, i’ll just throw some of this on and rock the natural look. it blurs all the right lines. i’ve gone through 3 of these bad boys and i ain’t stoppin.

have you tried any of these products?
did you like them? did you love them…did you hate them?? tell me why!
what are your current favorite beauty products?

jess ♥ 

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our weekend adventures


IMG_9805 friday morning i woke up to the sweetest repost from love ophelia! i ordered my bridesmaid’s robes from them and i adore them! if you are a bride in need of getting ready robes, i 100% support love ophelia!

IMG_9811 after a dermatologist appointment i worked on this all day… eek!! sometimes payroll makes my head hurt.

IMG_9812 the leaves are changing! fall is just around the corner! and you know what that means??? WEDDING TIME!

IMG_9815 after work, getting some blood drawn and shopping with jazmina, i went and had drinks with a coworker.


IMG_9817 how awesome does this look?! i bought this a while back {mine’s sold out but {here} is a similar one} and i needed to have it personalized. luckily, my friend, misha, is seriously the best calligrapher and said she would whip this up for me! i absolutely love it!! thanks misha!!

IMG_9818 IMG_9832

jaz went to a friend’s from school birthday party while cale and i got to celebrate this little munchkin’s first birthday! happy birthday little miss eloise!!!

IMG_9834 after a longggg day it was time to go night-night. do any other couples do this at night? haha we get snuggled in and then like clockwork we whip out our phones and surf away.


IMG_9837 i posted a ‘mini sephora haul – nars lip pencils‘ review. come see why i’m raving about them!

IMG_9839 okay okay…i’m admitting to actually liking kacey musgraves. i really really disliked her because of how she treated the bobby bones show {a country morning radio show that started in austin but now is syndicated all over the u.s.} she just came off really yucky and mean. in a recent bit that they did they went over their favorite albums that were just released and surprisingly this was one of them. they played a song on it so i thought i’d give it a go and…. yep i absolutely love it!
anyway! the whole reason for that blurb was just to say that i was jamming to this cd while i was cooking breakfast for my two loves. haha

IMG_9843 we had a few trees in our yard that looked a little sad so we went to the nursery to get a few plants that would fair a little better.

IMG_9844 plantin’ in the planter!

IMG_9849 after barre we all went grocery shopping! it’s a lot faster when cale comes because he just pushes the cart right behind me and i just throw things in. ‘easy’ is also a relative term when you have a 7 year old in tow. “can i have this? oh oh i need this! mommy, can i get this??”

this weekend was busy! with some recent health issues i’m really looking forward to the next quiet one. a weekend where we have no plans and nothing to do.
one can dream right?

what did you do this weekend??


mini sephora haul: nars lip pencils

uh-oh, you guys, i went into sephora… gulp!
cale was with me though so i didn’t go cray.
but i did splurge on these lip pencils and i am so excited!


alright, so i got these three bad boys.

velvet matte lip pencil
cruella // {here}
bahama // {here}

satin lip pencil 
palais royal // {here}

swatched from top to bottom // cruella : bahama : palais royal

IMG_6713 palais royal
this one is the satin lip pencil which means it’s a bit creamier than the other two. once it dries, it’s a bit more matte than shiny, which i love! what a great fall color to add to my collection!

IMG_6701 cruella
the perfect red lip! i am obsessed with this red!

IMG_6693 bahama
my new favorite neutral lip!

so let’s talk about these pencils.
i love them!
they go on so smooth and clean. like i said for the satin lip though, it’s way creamier than the matte lip so just take an extra minute to apply it.
even though these are on the pricer end for lipstick {$26} i think that it is totally worth it. totally!

remember: pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together – elizabeth taylor



H A P P Y  E A S T E R !

just a quick update: i am still currently in texas but i will be leaving today at 6 pm. i am about to dive into a big ol table of crawfish! yummy! i have never had crawfish before so this is going to be interesting. i’ll let y’all know how it goes tomorrow in “our weekend adventures”.

as you know, i hosted my very first giveaway and it ended this friday at midnight.
i am so flattered and humbled by the amount of entries. you guys rock!

and the winner is…….



CONGRATULATIONS, GIRL! and thank you so much for entering.
please respond to my email at your earliest convenience to redeem your prizes. if you guys have a chance to check out her blog {www.morganetoile.com} please do so! it’s such a great blog.

thank y’all so much for entering. i hope that i keep all of you as followers. i promise i’m pretty entertaining. haha
i love all of you so so much!

here is how i chose a winner. let’s give a little round of applause for my little helper miss avery tate. **clap clap clap**

IMG_7988 i wrote down each contestant along with the number of entries each person got.IMG_7990 then i wrote {technically i had a friend write them down} the numbers on each piece of paper. example: jess entered the giveaway 3 times her number is 1, i wrote three number 1 on three pieces of paper. IMG_7991then we stuck them all in a cute little easter basket…
IMG_7992 isn’t miss avery the cutest! love her, thanks for drawing sweetie! IMG_7995 lucky number 10!!!

eeeeep! congratulations again, Morgan!

i hope every one has a great rest of their easter sunday.


chihuly garden & glass exhibit

i love you guys, wanna know why? because i’m typing this 30,000 feet in the air to keep my mind off that i am 30,000 feet in the air. i decided to blog while i’m flying down to texas so that i won’t freak the FUCK out. so sorry for the language but it’s necessary. i did take my happy pills and drank a strong mimosa…nope, still freaking out.
but here we go, on to the post.

a couple weekends back cale, myself & jaz took a little day adventure to downtown seattle to tour the chihuly garden & glass exhibit. i’ve heard so many wonderful things about this exhibit and seen so many beautiful weddings here, so i had to see what all the fuss was about.
i was not disappointed.

this man’s work is exquisite. every detail is so intricately done that it’s insane! every single piece is hand blown…wow!

i hope you guys enjoy his work as much as i did.

IMG_5130beautiful right?

IMG_5135 i didn’t really stick around to listen to the tour leaders spiel about who these people were or why they were featured in chihuly’s museum but each and every one of them fascinated me. i am native american, part sioux and chippewa, that’s where i get my big cheek bones from.  i love how much more of the native american culture is more prominent here in seattle than in texas. you say pow wow and i’m there!


IMG_5138 look, just LOOK at this. beautiful!



IMG_5145 this was jaz’s favorite. she said it looked like a jungle. which i think is what he was going for. hehe





IMG_5161 this one was my favorite!

IMG_5166 look at that detail! so freaking cool!

IMG_5168 this was coolest part of the exhibit. this is the spot where people have their weddings…swoon right?!?

okay now we are going to get mushy.

IMG_5176 IMG_5178 these two… i love it!

chihuly IMG_5198 jaz stole the camera and just started snapping away.

IMG_5202 oh you know. being the goon mom that i am. hehe i got skills.

IMG_5211 IMG_5214 IMG_5221 IMG_5251 IMG_5252 we ventured off into seattle center and had some fun by the fountain. it was cold but that wasn’t stopping the kids from jumping around in it….crazies.

i will bid y’all farewell with this gorgeous flower that jaz picked. she has a good eye for picking the perfect flowers.

i know this was a long one so thank you for hanging in there till the end!
till next time!!!


a very happy texan girl