my favorite things (reality tv)

so i know i’ve already done one for my favorite tv shows but those are all fictional!
here are all of my reality tv shows that i love. or as cale calls them, my trashy tv.

{19 kids & counting}
i loveeee this show! all of the girls are gorgeous…and have great hair. i find their lifestyle very interesting. who am i to judge a family based on their beliefs? if they can support all of these children then why not have a crap ton? their religion in it’s entirety is very interesting…they can’t hold hands until they are engaged and their first kiss is on their wedding day! that is some will power!

Sister Wives ruling ap
{sister wives}
much like 19 kids & counting i am very interested in this lifestyle. i love how “normal’ they are though. how they cope with the whole sex part is beyond me but hey if the man isn’t marrying his daughters or any children… be you brah. do i think it has a little to do with him having a big ego? maybe, but if his wives are happy and not cooped up on a ranch then again who am i to judge?

{real housewives}
alllll real housewives! beverly hills, atlanta, new jersey, and the oc are my favorites…wait did i just name all of them? cale loathes this show. he thinks i’m poisoning my brain, i mean, i am but i’m also entertained.

{teen mom}
i had jaz the same year that 16 & pregnant first aired, so the “teen moms” that came in the next series were my age and jaz was the same age as their babies. i love watching where other teen moms ended up especially one that completely wrecked her life by selling her vagina. idiot.

{the first 48}
cale & i are obsessed with this show. we catch ourselves screaming “MOTIVE”! well.. more like i scream it and cale just laughs at me. i know when someone’s guilty, i can see it in their eyes. serious.

what are your favorite reality tv shows? please tell me i’m not the only one who watches these!


my favorite things {tv shows}




alright, the dramatics are taken care of, now i can get down to business!
so who else hates winter break for their favorite tv shows?! uhm hellllo, we still need to have tv goodness! well, so long winter break and hello all of my favorite shows!!!
here we go… in no particular order.

{the walking dead}
yesssssssss!!!! i am so excited this is back on!!! oh my goodness they left us hanging with that tear jerker…wahh poor beth. i loved her!! and holy moly the opener on sunday did not disappoint! i was so confused at first and didn’t know what was happening now, what was a foreshadow and what not. {spoiler alert} it’s all that kids fault! you just had to go back to your house where you zombie brother/s were and look what you’ve done!

{the originals}
okay…soooo this has been back on for some time now and i had no idea!! needless to say, i binge watched it to catch up the other night. no shame! i’m loving this soft side of klause but hating this unknowingness of what’s going to happen to elijah. he’s my favorite! but no matter what he will always protect baby hope!! gah i love this show!

{vampire diaries}
okay, i might still be in high school, don’t laugh at the tv shows i watch! this show has me in too many directions. bonnie needs to hurry the eff up and get to that magic headstone so she can get out of limbo! alayna needs to remember loving damon because…well because. i’m not liking this stefan and caroline thing…what? and dude caroline almost just killed her mom… wtf.

{grey’s anatomy}
i miss yang. that is all.

i love that they incorporated hayden’s real life pregnancy in the show! i love baby bumps & she’s super cute with one!

holy smokes batman! this show is crazy! david clark is back, daniel died but not before knocking up his french girl. nolan got married to a cray cray, victoria is always up to something and i just feel bad for jack. i always feel bad for jack.

what are your favorite tv shows?!


my favorite things {music edition}

lately, i have been wanting to listen to nothing but new music. like new new…the stuff on the radio is so overplayed! so i downloaded a couple cd’s and they are all so good!

{sam smith – in the lonely hour}
shut the front door…this guys voice is like heaven in my ears! such a great cd! i always need a good slow/soft song to bring me down from my barre class, and this album is just that!

{ed sheeran – x}
i actually bought this album before i bought sam smith’s but i love them equally. they have very similar styles and it’s awesome. this guy can sing his heart out! one and photograph are on replay right now….love!!

{taylor swift – 1989}
wait!!! i am confessing this to all of you because i will no longer be ashamed that i blare this cd… NOPE…I AM NOT ASHAMED! i use to despise t.swift, seriously i did. ariana grande has since taken that place, goodness i can’t stand that little brat. anyway i bought this album because of the hype it was getting and oh em gee, who am i? i love it!! blankspace, blankspace, blankspace. i will say that there is a certain song that i think she’s trying a wee bit too hard to be lana del ray but overall the album is fantastic!

do y’all have any suggestions on some new music or albums to download?
happy wednesday!



my favorite things

{best reactions to seahawks winning the nfc championship}
how awesome is it that seattle is going to the Super Bowl again!!! so so awesome! i really do believe that jaz & i are seattle’s lucky charm. hehe

{yes please by amy poehler via amazon}
i am in love with this book! it’s the first one out of my 5 book challenge and i can’t put it down!

{stella & dot renegade cluster bracelet}
i will have this in every polish! rose gold, silver and gold! these are adorable and an easy layering accessory. not to mention stella & dot always has the cutest things!

till next week!


my favorite things

hi prettys. welcome back! is it just me or is this week creeeeeeeping by? where’s my friday?! any who, lets get to nitty-gritty.

{fik-shun- world of dance las vegas}
{via youtube}
this just popped up on my facebook feed a few days ago and i can’t stop watching it! i love love dance…so you think you can dance is my guilty pleasure.

3wick tin - french bourbon-350x350
{voluspa candles}
cale actually showed me these… his ex-girlfriend must have shown him because we could only find them in anthropologiei know he doesn’t frequent anthropologie so this must be the case haha. but now these bad boys are popping up everywhere and i love it! nordstrom now carries them, i linked the general search for them {here}. they may have always carried them but it’s news to me so i’m sure it’ll be news to someone else too! my favorite is french bourbon vanille {pictured} it smells soooooo good!

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Contour Kit
{anastasia beverly hills contour kit}
alright, alright i gave in to all the hype about this and got myself this contour kit. and i love it! the banana highlighting powder is great if you have yellow undertones like i do and the darker contour colors go on so smooth! i use a combination of both the bottom left and middle. i’m not talented enough to use the really dark one yet. hehe i would absolutely recommend this product and it’s only $40 at sephora {linked}…steal!!

that’s all for this week, folks.
until next time!


my favorite things

welcome back!

Living Proof - No Frizz Smoothing & Frizz Fighting Travel Kit {living proof shampoo & conditioner}
my hair stylist recommended this brand to me and i love! i have very thick, frizzy, curly hair and this tames the hell out of it! it doesn’t smell the best but hey, it works hella well! i get mine from either sephora or ulta. just depends on where i am when i remember i’m running out. the one i linked to is sephora.

{run: swiftly tech long sleeve – lululemon}
i have this in 2 colors and it’s pretty much all i wear when i feel lazy or when i’m cold going to barre. best thing about lulu is that the quality of all their products is fantastic. seriously, cale has a few {a lot} of lululemon stuff that he has had for years and it still looks brand new! i’m embarrassed to actually admit how much of this i own but hey, ya gotta look cute working out!

{master class by oprah winfrey – maya angelou}
i first watched this while we were leavenworth. i had stopped on the own channel by chance and once this woman started speaking i couldn’t bring myself to change the channel. she is inspirational in every way, shape and form. and funny…she’s really very funny! if you have an hour that you can spare, i highly recommend watching this.

since i’m going to be doing these weekly, i thought i’d shorten them down to 3 favorites per week. that okay with y’all?
what are some of your favorites?


my favorite things

wednesday… i have decided that wednesdays will be my weekly “my favorite things” post. so stop by every wednesday to see what i’m lovin’!

{sequined blazer from anthropologie}
so cute right?! well too bad y’all can’t have it because it’s sold out! omg i’m just kidding, well, not about it being sold out because it is in fact, sold out {i snagged the very last xsmall they had at uvillagebut {here} is a similar one. I can’t wait to wear this for our new years date!

{buffalo quilted vest from jcrew}
i first saw this on my one of my favorite fashion blogger’s instagram {brighton the day} . definitely a must have for living in the pnw. brrr

{“vienna” garter from la gartier}
uhm can you say hello gorgeous?! hiiiiii! i am in love love love with every garter this company produces. vintage/glam with every single piece and i WILL have one or two {toss garter}. ugh, obsessed!

photo 1 (12)
{cowl neck sweater from forever21}
now i’m not one to usually shop in forever21 {their clothes are cheaply made} but i must say… i am lovin this sweater! i recently bought one similar at target {here}but i’m liking this one a bit more, maybe it’s the hat. i linked the actual sweater under the picture but linked my friend’s blog {girl meets brave} in the picture. go check out exactly what she wore with it!

what are some of your favorites??