our weekend adventures


IMG_5321 i launched our very first giveaway! i cannot express my excitement and gratitude on the amount of entries i have gotten! i’ve gotten about 25+ plus all the extras they did to enter additional ways. you guys are too awesome! good luck to each and every one of you!

don’t forget to enter our giveaway {here} you have until the end of this week. (April 3, 2015)

IMG_7842 friday’s ootd
skinnies // similar {here}
chambray button down // {here}
shoes // {here}


IMG_7843 saturday’s ootd
yes i was a repeat offender with the chambray but i have like 5 different chambray shirts so technically, it’s different.
pants // {here} love this boutique and it’s super fast shipping!
booties // similar {here}

IMG_7848 what’s a weekend without a stop at target? we saw the cutest puppies! they had little hair ties in their hair and i about died.

IMG_7852 ugh… i tell cale over and over don’t schedule an oil change on a weekend you work…i always get suckered into getting the most expensive checkup and i just nod like i know what they are talking about. grrrr when they told me that it was going to take TWO HOURS to change my oil, i kindly asked for a rental. let’s just say that i felt like a spoiled brat because i couldn’t even back up without my backup camera. {eye roll} first world problems right? slap me.

IMG_7854 after the two hours were up, guess what jaz & i had to do? oh yeah…wait some more… i was so irritated at the end of the day that i went home and took a nap which i never do!

IMG_7857 we got invited to celebrate one of our dear friend’s birthday at an indian restaurant and this little love bug was there! miss neva diva lives in couer d’alene, idaho so we don’t get to see her and her parents very often so this was such a treat!
happy birthday, tyler!


IMG_7866unfortunately, sunday starts off at night for you guys. cale & i woke up at 7:30 thanks to our damn cats, i facetimed by “person” and then, honestly, fell back to sleep until 1 pm. {gasp} i never do that! so sunday chores got off to a late start.

then we went to dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant, i didn’t order my normal thing, WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE. always order your favorite…always.

so this was basically my night. blogging, tallying up contestants for the giveaway {!!!} and watching 19 kids and counting.

IMG_7865 here’s a peace offering for my boring weekend. my kid and my incredibly long kitty cat. we got so lucky with lulu for how tolerable she is with jazmina. chandler, on the other hand, is not. whoops.

i am going to apologize in advance if my “our weekend adventures” for this coming weekend is late. i’m going to texas, y’all!!!! i am so so excited. i’m excited to see my friends and family, i’m excited to meet with new vendors but i am ECSTATIC to see and try on my dress for the first time! when i tried her on at the boutique, she was a completely different color than what i ordered, so it’ll be like a completely different dress! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!

please tell me what you did this weekend to take my mind off having to get on a plane wednesday. i’m such a baby


our weekend adventures


casual friday’s outfit!
scarf // {here} – accessory concierge is awesome!
skinnies // {here}
booties // similar {here}

for our weekly family night out we tried a new indian restaurant and got our favorites! naan and chicken tikka masala. yummy!

IMG_7541 IMG_7543
cale was trying to find the code for our millwork and lulu was being such a good little helper! me on the other hand, well i was preoccupied with getting my lips and nose on this thing.


saturday’s outfit
blouse // {nordstrom rack}
jeans // {here} my favorite pair of paige’s!
shoes // {here}

IMG_7556 IMG_7572
i had to pick up a few things for the giveaway {!!!!} so we played dress up. i actually ended up buying this one and another floppy hat at nordstrom. hey, i have to get honeymoon ready! find the black one // {here}

jaz and i went and shot some photos for a future post and these cherry blossoms were the perfect back drop! this is the earliest anyone has ever seen them blossom! so beautiful!

this is what seattle people do when the sun is out. we went to uvillage and these sun bathers were everywhere! it was so nice out!

we decided to stop and paint some pottery. jaz had never done it before so i thought why not! i needed a new earring bowl anyway so this was perfect and so much fun! i can’t wait to pick them up next weekend!

and i ended the night by watching the last grey’s anatomy. they’re posing like superheroes here, and superheroes they were! at least in this episode.


so the time change completely screwed us up and we woke up way later than usual. so we just said, ah what the hell, let’s go get some breakfast… at 12 in the afternoon….no judging.

mommy had some pampering time. i was in dire need of a mani so off i went! i decided to go with a spring color, i think it’s safe to do that, right?

HAHA! yeahhh. so we were going to the movie theatre to see paddington…. well i took us to the wrong theatre so i stole the keys from cale and said get in, we can make it to the other theatre in time! cale told me to not speed on this certain road and literally right as i finished saying “shut up” i saw a police car with it’s speed gun out…shitttttt! yep i got pulled over for speeding 19 miles over the speed limit. whoopsie. however, i was really honest with him, he asked me if i knew how i fast i was going and i said, ” errr i dunno, speeding” {shruggy apologetic face}. so since i didn’t try to play dumb he let me go with a warning, phew!

after all the excitement {not} we just went home and kept cleaning instead of going to the movies. after we were done i went and picked up some chipotle. they totally ripped me off on the lettuce!

weekend 2
{sorry for he scary no make-up face!!} look who is cuddling. it’s a bit of a force cuddle but it’s not like i was pinning him to me. i’m trying to slowly introduce him to cuddles. baby steps, y’all.

meal planning and grocery shopping for the week, done! i am so ecstatic that i found this! it makes my life so much easier!

what did y’all do this weekend?


plaid & vest…twinsies.

hi again, told ya there would be alot on the blog this week! i’ve been meaning to post this for some time now but time has just slipped away from me.
but jaz’s outfit fits right in with v-day so here we are.

this was just an impromptu shoot before we headed out for some breakfast a couple saturday’s ago.
i’ll start with us, then me, then her because let’s face it…she runs the show!

twinsies 1 IMG_3441
kisses for daysssss!

plaid and vest 3__20150207 plaid and vest 2 plaid and vest 1
plaid flannel // similar {here}
north face vest // on sale {here}
the limited jeans // on sale {here}
michael kors riding boots // {here}
michael kors watch // {here}

plaid and vest 4 plaid and vest 5 plaid and vest 6  plaid and vest 7
flannel // on sale {here}
puffer vest // similar {here}
leopard flats // {here}
gap skinnies // {here}

and there you have it folks. me and my mini.

-jess & jaz

polka dots & pearls.

hi y’all! i know i usually post my favorites on wednesdays but nothing this past week has really been a favorite…lame. plus, i just couldn’t wait to share this outfit with you guys!

you will soon notice that i am the girliest of girly girls. i am obsessed with pink, lace & pearls. i am also a working mom so anything i buy, i make sure i can wear it both casually and professionally.
here is one of my favorites. i am a sucker for polka dots… it’s my favorite pattern ever!!!

polka dot 6

polka dot 5 polka dot 4 polka dot 8
always have to have the super serious face…

polka dot 7 polka dot 2 polka dot 3

old navy turtle neck // {here}
banana republic polka dot skirt // similar {here}
target wool coat // {here}
mojo moxy pumps // similar {here}
jcrew pearl cluster necklace // similar {here}