late president’s day post

hi pretties.

this past weekend jaz & i were lucky to have monday off for president’s day. woohoo! poor cale had to work though…boo! boeing never gives them the usual holidays off, maybe it’s because they give him like 2 weeks off at christmas…wth is that! i digress.

it was a beautiful day in good ol’ seattle, again! so we decided that we would take a trip into the city {we live on the outskirts} to have some fun in the sun.

also note that almost all of these pictures were taken by jaz. actually all of the pictures that are not of her she took. atta girl, right??

IMG_4206 IMG_4214

we wanted some big noms so we went and had some vietnamese. yes, the sun may have been out but it was still pretty chilly, so i got some phó and jaz had some stir fry. look, she has finally figured out the chopsticks!


after lunch we headed over to gas works park. i’m telling y’all the day was absolutely gorgeous!! look at that skyline.




sorry for the dark pictures, but jaz did a great job of getting all of seattle in the background which is really all that mattered.
i am still so obsessed with these paige boyfriend jeans! i got them a size bigger than i usually would because i really wanted that boyfriend look…however {!} the waist is so huge and unlike her other jeans, these stretch out…a lot.

super cheesin’ & i can’t see because…sun! yay vitamin d!

IMG_4283 IMG_4285

this wasn’t supposed to be an outfit shoot but it was too pretty to pass up this gorgeousness.
if you live in seattle, just a forewarning, the hill part of gas works park is fenced off. i think they might be re-soiling the whole place, i dunno. we may or may not have squeezed through a crack…not without some other company though, so i didn’t feel too bad.

after gas works we went and had some molly moon ice cream. i haven’t had it yet and jaz is always down for some sugar.
IMG_4366 IMG_4370

and finally after ice-cream we stopped at a camera store and i bought a new lens…i’m in love! it’s just a pancake lens but it allows so much more light in and i love love love! my kitty cats make for good subjects.

i’ll link outfit details at the very end.
this was a different post than my usual but i couldn’t let all of jazmyne’s pictures sit in my computer. she did such a great job!

and with that, we bid you farewell. until next time!

blouse // {here}
paige jimmy jimmy boyfriend skinny // {here}
steve madden pumps // {here}
michael kors watch // {here}
kendra scott elle earrings // {here}

anti-valentines? i gotchu!

no worries, i have a a girly girl valentine’s outfit in the works too.
i just couldn’t help but post an outfit in this shirt though…i love it!!!! and it’s perfect for those who aren’t too fond of the mushy gushy holiday.
i first saw this on my local nordy’s instagram {speaking of, you should follow me, my most recent ig posts are on my sidebar widget. 🙂 } and i had to have it! i am such a sucker for pizza… spicy italian sausage with jalepeños please…make that a large while you’re at it! so seriously, this shirt is perfect for me. this is a small…so it definitely runs big. pair it with some boyfriends, a riding jacket and some sandals and you have the perfect anti-valentines, casual {but still girly} outfit.

&& and i want to apologize for my awful choice of a backdrop buttttt if you live in the pnw then you are fully aware that the weather is complete poop. and if you don’t live in the pnw, well, now you know. so, there is no way i can do a shoot outside. plus isn’t it about the outfit anyway???

pizza 7 pizza 5 pizza 2 pizza 9 pizza 8 pizza 3 pizza 4 pizza 6
{can you tell i’m right handed and have no idea how to flex?}
{this is also my “if i were single i’d be rocking the shit out this shirt and my new guns” pose. in case you were wondering.}

pizza tank // {here} it’s sold out online but hurry to your closest nordstrom i’m sure they still have some!
paige jimmy jimmy boyfriend skinny // anthro is sold out, but nordstrom still has them {here}
jessica simpson sandals // similar {here}
leather rider jacket // similar {here}
kendra scott alexandra earrings // {here}
michael kors watch // {here}
mac lips // color rebel {here} liner vino {here}

i have quite a few outfits planned for this week so keep a watchful eye!
it’s going to be a jam-packed one! fun fun fun!


our weekend adventures


IMG_6882 IMG_6880
friday night we promised jaz we would take her to the dolphin dance {a dolphin is their mascot}. and i gotta say, for an elementary dance they played some great music! i sang {rapped} that one part it the katy perry song, dark horse. yep i’m the cool mom.

IMG_6890 IMG_6891
after the dance we were famished so i stopped at olive garden. have i mentioned that i loathe stickers, so any chance that jaz gets to play with them outside of the house, she really jumps on. food note* olive garden has the juiciest salmon and this is their new dish…mouthgasm and the risotto has sautéed shrimp in it…*heavy breathing*


i made an executive decision and decided to open chandler’s door. if we did it cale’s way, poor chandler bingers would have stayed in that room for another 3 months! needless to say, there has been lots of hissing..anddd lulu is a beehole.

after dance, we made a little stop to get some food. this girl and her lemonade.

IMG_6903 IMG_6909
so i’ve been on the hunt for some new boyfriend jeans…i have looked everywhere and no dice! at least we got some cute pictures out of our little shopping trip. jaz always walks out of nordy’s with something though, this time it was new tennis.

we were seriously at the mall all damn day trying on every brand of jeans, so by the time we left, cale was getting off of work. so we met up with him for some froyo! strawberries and cheesecake takes up the majority of my cup. whoopsie.


after barre i went and got a new mani and stopped in anthropologie just on whim because it’s so close to my barre studio {oh the convenience} and these puppies were just sitting there as soon as i walked in. it’s meant to be. haha paige jeans are my savior.

sunday grocery shopping -aka- the bane of my existence. does anyone else have ocd and categorize each item they get? my categories: boxed items, household items, cans, refrigerated items, frozen items and produce. to make it easier for the baggers… right?

i came home to a spotless one. thanks honey!! but with every sweet there’s a sour… do y’all notice anything on the wall that does not belong. cale knows how much a dislike that damn moose/deer/whatever the hell it is…how funny, honey.

IMG_6924 IMG_6927
jaz worked on her class valentines. she went above and beyond this year. just call us ms. & miss crafty crafts. her teacher’s valentine will be coming up this week on a diy post so keep an eye out for that!

it was a poopy weekend, weather wise. although the sun peeked through just for a couple minutes on sunday. i am so ready for the summer!

what did you do?