our weekend adventures


my sciatica has been really acting up lately so i spent the majority of my day on my fun bouncy ball! this thing is so much fun!

i am trying to find a light fixture for austin’s room and did you know that the land of nod‘s online store has knock knock jokes on every item page?! i’m such a sucker for bad jokes so i was on this site for a while reading every one! how fun!


saturday morning i got to celebrate the pending arrival of baby lower #2! i am so excited to meet this little girl or boy! i think it’s another girl! ❤

the hawks had a late game against the lions so we decided on good ol’ pizza and wings! thank goodness they pulled off a win! and gooooodd lord all of richardson’s catches were insane! not to mention the butt catch by baldwin! hehehe


this guy can never seem to wake up in the morning with jaz & i. he’s like a little kid when i open the shades. ‘no mom, i don’t wanna!’ but you bet your butt as soon as he smells the pancakes, sausage and potatoes, he’s up!

every sunday morning i make a big breakfast and we all eat together without the tv and without our phones. it’s really hard to do this during the week since i leave the house before cale & jaz are even out of bed. so eating at least one breakfast together is really important to me.

after breakfast it was back to the grind. the holidays are over which means our schedule isn’t all cattywampus, which meannnnss sunday is back to our cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry day! i still have so much work to do in through the whole house so this isn’t finished being decorated but all of the christmas decor is down and it makes me so sad!

with jaz back and our schedules back to normal means we are back to dinners everynight, snacks and lunches for school, you know…the mom life! weekly grocery trips always hit hard…i can’t even imagine what it’ll be like with a family of 4 and when austin hit’s his teen years….OH MY GOD! now taking donations for the anderson food fund.

anyone else a huge fan of meyer’s cleaning supplies, basil scent in particular? because i can sit at a table and smell this all day!

our cat, ya’ll. she’s such a dork!

phew! it was such a busy weekend! we got so much done, and by “we”, i mostly mean cale. here’s a list of everything my hubby got done this weekend.
• finished the trim and all of the woodwork on his cl-office
• painted all the trim and shelves about a hundred times because he’s a perfectionist & didn’t like how it was laying down….
• took down all of our outside christmas lights/decor
• painted austin’s nursery… {!!!!!}
• came to my rescue every time i dropped something, seriously, bending over is literally the hardest thing to do these days.
• helped me rearrange the formal living room.
• changed the oil in his car
• and after all of that…STILL cuddled and rubbed my belly!
he’s a keeper you guys. i love my handy man!

what did you guys get into??


our weekend adventures


cale is still in the midst of home projects which does this to my floors…. i can’t wait till it’s all done!


cale was scheduled to work this weekend and couldn’t give it up so you know what that means…
mommy & baby’s day out!

first stop was to get the nails did. in love with this tiffany blue!

we went to every home decor store to try and find something for our new shelf in the living room, but no dice. so we ended up at nordstrom’s cafe to get my favorite salad!

it has arrived!!!
during our wedding ceremony, instead of mixing sand for the unity ceremony, we mixed little glass pieces. we each chose a color significant to us. cale chose green, for the emerald city and to symbolize growth, i chose white to symbolize new beginnings and jaz chose pink…well because…her favorite color is pink haha. once the wedding was over we sent our mixed glass to a phenomenal glass blower to create this beautiful sculpture for us to have as a forever keepsake of our amazing wedding day! we are so happy with how it turned out and will forever cherish it!
all of the amazing credit to UNITY IN GLASS, if you are a bride-to-be or know of someone getting married soon, i could not recommend this company more. they have so many different sculptures to choose from! ahhh you will not be disappointed!


seahawks had a 10am kickoff…who does that?? so coffee and no makeup was a must!
but uhhhh…DID YOU SEE THAT GAME??!?!?!!?
holy shit balls. it damn near gave me a fuggin heart attack! i feel so bad for minnesota’s kicker though…that has to be rough. eek.
but wahooooooo!!! next up, the cardinals.

someone stole my mug…

made my favorite white bean chicken chili! nom nom nom

this might be one of the worst things that’s happened to me! my clothes broke our rack in the closet! of course this only fueled cale’s endless rant about me having too much clothes. yada yada yada. whoopsie

how was your weekend? did you watch that game?!


our weekend adventures {long}

new year’s eve!

we had a ‘sparkles and apps’ party at work and we might have been the most festive. you can’t see my pants but they are super sequin-y. which, let me hop on my soap box, sequin pants are not for us ladies whose thighs touch. i went home with two bald spots on my brand new leggings… no bueno!

i had the handsomest date to dinner! look at that stud! we got to get fancy for a nice dinner on the waterfront in seattle! jaz has been in texas since the 28th so these date nights are far and in between so when they DO happen, we go all out!

cheers to 2016!

seven course meal coming up…{insert pukey face here} seriously don’t know what we were thinking when we made these reservations!

so much for staying out to watch the fire works at the space needle. you could say a food coma was an understatement. we went straight home, got in our pjs and watched fireworks on tv. if you follow me on snapchat, you know lights were out by 12:16. i was le pooped.

new years day

us wives got all bundled up to watch our psycho husbands jump in lake washington for the polar bear plunge. these people are nuts!



but he did it! i think this is a tradition that’s going to stay! he was pretty pumped when he got his patch, hehe!

we went to our favorite cafe for crepes and coffe AND i finally got to wear my pimpin joy shirt!

after breakfast we went home to continue working on some home projects and lulu was in a stoic mood. ps…IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND! look at that blue sky!

jaz got a few games for christmas…santa decided to throw one in for us parents too! rumikub for the win! why is this game so addicting???

cale went to a guys night at one of our friend’s bar and…they busted out monopoly… these guys are some party animals!


these two…they are seriously like human siblings. they were fighting before this and then just quit and laid there with their paws in each other’s face. idiots, i tell ya.

i clean my kendras once a month, or at least i try to. my obsession is real, ya’ll. eek!

is this not the cutest mug! love love love! thanks, husband!

cale and i have always wanted to try a yoga studio down the street from our house and with the minion being out of town, we thought, hey why not?
we didn’t just try yoga…we tried HOT yoga! this was actually our 2nd class together and we love it! this is so much closer than pure barre and it’s a lot more relaxing for me. i will say though…holy soreness. hol-ee sorenesssssss.

new year, new….lol just kidding. i hate that new year, new me, crap. same me, different year, maybe i’ll try to eat a little bit better. maybe.

starting…tomorrow. haha jaz is gone so dinners aren’t my priority. cheerios it is!


this project is coming along! i can’t wait to share my handy-man husbands work! he practically started all over because he is such a perfectionist! but it is coming along and i can’t wait till this and the HUGE living room wall is finished!

we headed over to buffalo wild wings to watch the hawks CRUSH the cardinals! like….DOMINATED them! we so needed this after last weeks game. HELLLLLOO PLAYOFFS!
side note: we are too old to day drink. wanna know what we did after the game ended? went home and passed out on the couch. then woke up with most annoying headache. no bueno.

it was nice to have some quality time with cale this weekend and not have to worry about a little person. that being said, we miss our routine and jazmyne’s witty comebacks and little giggles. she comes home on tuesday and we could not be more excited. her not being home throws us all out of whack.
all in all it was a great new years! i can’t believe we are going into 2016 as husband and wife! it’s going to be tough to top the best year of my life but i think 2016 is going to give 2015 a run for it’s money!

i will be posting ‘a look back’ to 2015 but i’m just not sure how i want to do it since so much has happened! nevertheless, keep an eye out!

i hope you had a great new years and an even more fantastic 2015!
have any new years resolutions? i wanna hear em!


our weekend adventures {long}

christmas eve {!}

every christmas eve jaz is allowed to open one specific present. this includes new jammies, a movie, snacks, a mug or water bottle and hot chocolate. the jim jams she is wearing in this picture are the ones we got her last year. we’ve done this tradition since she was teeny and it’s not one we are going to do away with!

uhhh…you bet your ass mama & papa got some new jams too! onesies for the win!!

obsessed with this hubby of mine ❤

another tradition is making cookies…however we strayed from the cookie part and made mini cheesecakes instead!

can these two be any cuter?

christmas day {!!!}

believe it or not but jaz stayed in bed till 8:30! well…technically she snuck into our bed around 7:00 and fell back to sleep. hallelu! after we all woke up it was presents time! but first, coffee! and yes lulu has a sweater on, there’s a reason she hates me but i just can’t put my finger on why…

IMG_1403 IMG_1404
this christmas we decided to stay home and start our own family tradition. so, i had to figure what i was going to make for our early supper…ham it was! jazmyne requested asparagus and cale {of course} wanted homemade mashed taters and crescent rolls. i was very satisfied with how everything turned out and i loved just being with my little family.

after supper, cale napped while jaz and i got ready to head to cale’s brother’s house for drinks and desserts. they are expecting a little one in the next few months and we are so excited to meet him!


on our way home we took a little detour and ran into this. holy mo-leeeee!


still so excited that cale and jaz got me a pimpin joy baseball tee! if you’re from texas then you know all about the bobby bones show and i have been an avid listener since 7th grade {whoa}! pimpin joy is something amy’s {co-host} mom started while she was battling cancer and they turned it to the most amazing charity ever. i love love love love this!!!

we are in the midst of re-doing our living room and entry way and this gargantuan was taking up too much space and ruining my space awareness and ideas! time to come down you gorgeous beaut!

along with the tree came down all of our other christmas decor…cale was so bummed so i left out a few snowmen so he wouldn’t be so blue… haha! but this is what we did most of the day besides lounging around and playing the game of life. i forgot how fun that game was!


coffee and seahawks! we went to our friends’ house to watch the game that we thought we had in the bag…lol…nope. no idea where our o-line was because they definitely were not on the field. grrrr such a frustrating game!

the game may have been poop but look at these two! goodness gracious…oh what’s that?? ahhh, nothing just my ovaries calling to say ‘hellllooooo….its me”
fun uncle cale loves little miss ellie!

this was one of our best christmas’ yet! i am so happy that we had jaz this year and that we got to start our own little tradition.
what did you do this weekend? did you get anything exciting?? i love watching and seeing other people open their presents…is that weird or is it just a mom thing?

now bring it on new years!!


our weekend adventures


the vgals {volunteer guardian ad litems} put out their giving trees and we finally got our kids to get gifts for this christmas!
**fun fact about me** i was in foster care from age 11 through 18, i aged out and it might have been the greatest thing to happen to me. now i’m at a point in my life that i am able to give more than just gifts for my own child, now i can make a foster youth feel as i did when i opened my gifts from my casa {court appointed special advocate, same as vgal}. i was always so excited!! **
please consider calling a shelter or finding programs similar to this one, nearest to you and if you are able, donate a gift or two. you are making a difference, i promise.

i had to come home and start on the brine for the turkey that i was bringing to our 2nd annual friendsgiving!!


jaz and i had so many errands to run saturday morning and the sogginess did not bode well. but jaz did notice that all of our trees down our street changed colors…like, overnight! it was a nice pop of color to see against that very grey sky.

friendsgiving 2015

so when i moved to seattle a couple years ago, i wanted to start something, something similar to what i would go to in texas with all of my closest friends. and that little tradition is called friendsgiving.
so i got close to 30 people to marry a date and time and i was ecstatic! my first dinner party in seattle, woohooo!! well somehow i managed to volunteer myself for both friendsgiving AND neighborgiving…so i knew lots of planning was to be had in order to pull off another great get-together.
[i actually did a post on our first friendsgiving →{here}← go check it out, and also keep in mind that was one of my very first posts so…sorry if it’s a little boring, haha! ]
so, i knew i couldn’t host this year with the wedding and all so i asked my dear friend {misha} if her and husband minded hosting….they have a beautiful {newly renovated} craftsman in the cutest part of seattle and misha always throws a killer dinner party! any who, she said yes and i knew she would knock it out of the park, and she did!!!

the beautiful place settings.

loved it!

misha’s late grandmother had all of this beautiful crystal that she was able to keep. so pretty!

table decor

she’s a blogger too! and a super creative blogger at that. most of this decor and all of her seasonal decor is diy, go check out her blog and get some super cute ideas! {emerald city diaries}

i was in charge of the real turkey, but i thought it would be fun to make a cheese and meat board turkey too!
seriously, how fun is this guy??

the andersons – 2015

yep, i hear ya ovaries…momma hears ya! miss eloise always makes my baby fever run wild!

↓ friendsgiving 2014 ↓
eloise, jazmyne, neva, cameron, lily & audrey

↓ friendsgiving 2015 ↓
eloise, jazmyne, lily & cameron
we were missing a few of our babies but next year, we will have two more little additions, maybe more…. OP!

everything was delicious and beautiful! i can’t wait for next year!!


we quite literally, did absolutely nothing except get ready to watch the seahawks vs. cardinals game.
this moment gave me chills, the nfl held a moment of silence for the tragedy that happened in paris on friday,
the u.s. supports you, france. we care. ♥

the seahawks, however, can’t support the ball.
this was the most annoying game i have ever watched. almost every play got reviewed, reversed, re-reversed, red flagged…you name it! ugh…ultimately landing us with a loss. no good, seahawks…no freakin good!

the game got us too riled up so this is me at 11:44 pm, honey masking and blogging it up!

how was your weekend?
do you host a friendsgiving or a thanksgiving dinner? i would love to see your set up!

until next time!


my favorite things

{best reactions to seahawks winning the nfc championship}
how awesome is it that seattle is going to the Super Bowl again!!! so so awesome! i really do believe that jaz & i are seattle’s lucky charm. hehe

{yes please by amy poehler via amazon}
i am in love with this book! it’s the first one out of my 5 book challenge and i can’t put it down!

{stella & dot renegade cluster bracelet}
i will have this in every polish! rose gold, silver and gold! these are adorable and an easy layering accessory. not to mention stella & dot always has the cutest things!

till next week!


our weekend adventures


to cales surprise, when he suggested we have breakfast for dinner, i said yes! mmmm i went to town!


saturday started off a pretty crazy day, cale didn’t go to work {which is rare} so he was able to take jaz to dance class while i went to barre. i forgot to take a picture, whoopsie!

IMG_6584 IMG_6587
i got a little mommy “me-time” and was able to get a fresh mani. however, as much as i love my shellac manicures, i hate the foil wrappers. yuckyyyy!
i went bridesmaid dress shopping again… all the way in tukwila! it’s like a 45 minute – an hour drive…but it was worth it because we found the one!! yay… any who there was a panera right next door so i stopped in and got my favorite!
we didn’t do much saturday night…i did have my first cocktail in like 2 weeks so there’s that! we just felt like bums so i got ahead on some blog posts and watched some more breaking bad, we are almost done! my heart is beating because we are watching it right now and holy cow… poor gomez.


sunday marked exactly 9 months until our big day! i post monthly updates about what we did, who we booked and where we are in planning our wedding. you can find the 9 month update {here}
IMG_6612 IMG_6613
we tried a new breakfast/brunch place in seattle. voula’s offshore cafe, super yummy but just your typical greasy spoon cafe.
IMG_6616 IMG_6626
lulu went to the kitty spa {she doesn’t like car rides and she made sure to tell me all about it} and got her nails done too! now her and momma’s match! hehehe
i got some more blogging done while watching the nfc championship….WHAT A GAME! WHAT A COMEBACK!!!! yeah seahawks!!!!! seattle is going crazy!!
IMG_6621 IMG_6622
i had to leave my house before the game was over and before it had gone into overtime so i got to watch them win with the owner of the pure barre studio i frequent. can you tell how i excited i am while i’m tucking my ass off in hawks colors!?? {ps. i’m on my 7th class out of 50 and i’m dying.}

g o  h a w k

how was your weekend??