baby a : my favorite things

hey y’all!
sorry i’ve been a ghost around here, i promise to get back to our adventures once jazmyne comes back from texas!

but for now, i wanted to share some of my favorite baby items that austin has! i get a lot of messages on where i got certain things and how i like them, so i decided to review/post them here!

there is quite a few, so bare with me.
{all items will be linked in the caption below the photos}

{ solly baby wrap }
when i had first looked into baby carriers, i thought, neh, i don’t like wraps, they look too complicated. so we bought an ergo and at first, i thought that was great but then, austin had his first growth spurt and didn’t want to be put down. which meant, i had to clean with him, cook with him, everything while wearing him. do all that in an ergo, meh, not the comfiest. plus, everytime i bent over to pick something up or put something away i would have to hold his head to my chest and then the waist belt would dig into my thighs. ENTERS SOLLY BABY! lucky for me, my whole neighborhood is either pregnant or JUST had a baby so i texted my neighbor and asked if she had a wrap and she had a solly. after watching a tutorial more times than i would like to admit, I WAS A PRO. oh my gosh, so comfy! i like the solly better than a moby wrap too, moby’s are VERY thick and austin seemed too hot in it. i would highly recommend a solly for baby wearers.

{ dohm sound machine }
cale and i have made it our mission to NOT be quiet around austin while he is sleeping. when visitors come over and whisper once they see that he is sleeping, we say nope! speak in your regular voice! he needs to get used to lots of noise while he is sleeping so that if we are out and about or at someone else’s house, he won’t have an issue falling asleep. this little machine makes the loudest white noise sound ever! it definitely helps lull him to sleep.

{ infantino teepee }
we got this as a gift from one of our showers and it is amazing!
1) it’s mega cute and 2) austin loves it. there is a mirror right in the middle of the mobile that is hanging down and he just lies there cooing and talking to himself. and the mobile hangs low enough where he can actually grab the toys hanging from it. it will eventually transition to a reading area that we will move to a corner in his room.

everything o-ball }
these toys are great for babes trying to conquer those pesky fine motor skills! the big holes allow them to easily grab and hold on to them. i bought the set but have also purchased individual ones for the diaper bag and then this { o-ball o-link } to connect an o-ball to his carseat handle so that he can play with his it while riding in the car!

{ bath time easy kneeler }
it’s knee pads AND elbow pads! seriously, something that seems so petty and simple is really something, i think, all mamas and papas need.

{ halo sleep sack }
when austin was born up until he was about 10 weeks, he hated to be swaddled. HATED it! but then, once he figured out he had arms… boy did those things flail when it was time for bed. so we resorted to swaddling and these things are great! they keep his legs in the open position that they are supposed to be to prevent hip dysplaysia and keeps his arms in real tight! search the ‘halo sleep sack’ for different options in print and materials.

Image 1
love to dream-swaddle up 50/50 }
to go with the last item, we are now trying to transition austin out of the full swaddle. instead of his arms being glued to his side, they are up by his head and he is still able to suck on his hands. my other mama friends and neighbors have raved about this swaddle while they were transitioning their little so we decided to give it a go! so far so good! cale always giggles when he sees him in it though.

now here are a couple of our splurges that we loveeee.

freshly picked moccs }
love these little shoes! and now they make little loafers! ugh swoon!

{ lily jade diaper bag in camel }
if you know me, you know that i love everything camel and this is no exception! i always get so many compliments on his diaper bag and it’s so roomy i don’t even need to carry a purse. it also comes with a tote on the inside that you can take out. prettyyyyy nifty if you ask me!

Main Image - Stokke 'Trailz™' All Terrain Stroller
{ stokke ‘trailz’ stroller }
smoothest stroller ride. we love this thing. it’s easy to break down and stuff in the trunk. not to mention, stokke has all kinds of accessories and add on’s to make the babes more comfy.

let me know if you have any questions about anything specific! whether it be ones i posted here or any you’ve seen on my social media.


our weekend adventures


seeing me sitting wayyyyyy back in my chair at work is totally normal to my coworkers now. austin likes to hang out in my ribs as of late and holy hell is that super comfy…

i’m not usually a political person but this was pretty funny. and in honor of the inauguration, i thought i’d post it here.


jaz and i went out and had a little shopping fun. tell me how it’s possible that i scored a pair of cute maternity jeans from old navy for $1.47!!!! what in the what!!

i’ll touch more on this in my monthly update but my little testosterone son has been wreaking havoc on my skin! so i had to take it a notch up from just cetaphil. also, do you know how hard it is to find pregnancy friendly acne/facial anything that actually works!? goodness! but lucky for me all of these babies are safe and i can’t wait to see how they work!

panera stop after all the shopping madness!

lunch with this pretty girl! i’ve been trying to get in as many mommy-daughter dates as i can before her baby brother comes. it’s going to be so weird that she won’t be my only baby anymore. it’s just been about her for the past 8 years!

after we snagged cale for some dinner we all headed to target to return some god awful curtains that i chose for austin’s nursery (i ended returning the ones i got in exchange too, a total of 3 different trips for damn curtains y’all) anyway, we came across this really awesome airplane, nail stringy thing! we just had to have it!


normal sunday morning breakfast and my pancakes were coming out beautiful! i mean look at those golden cakes!

img_5183 img_5184
this little turd! i knew one of them was jumping in the crib but now we have proof. actually i now know that both of them are jumping in, i caught lulu a little later on.

cale steamed the floors and lulu took advantage of the bar stools being out. we have such a purdy kitty cat!

it may have been raining and below 40° but i still wanted shaved ice so so so bad!

we don’t know how many times we have to tell jazmyne to “PUT LULU DOWN” so cale decided to give her a taste of her own medicine.

almost 7 months, y’all! wooooo! i love my little basketball!

it was supposed to be a productive weekend buttttt i think it just kind of slipped through our fingers because we didn’t get much done around the house. which stinks because i will be in texas next weekend. oh well. i’ll get what i need done this week.

what did you guys get into this week?


our weekend adventures


i had to call into work because i couldn’t swallow. 😦 a yucky yucky virus hit me like a train. luckily i had this girl who kept me company all day long while i slept.

this is my life right now. my poor husband.


i got a little bit of an energy surge saturday morning so we put a few more things of austin’s up! how cute is this elephant rocker?! eek!

my throat was still killing me so i made my most favorite soup!
chicken & green chile! you can find my recipe {HERE}

after watching the hawks lose terribly we decided on a family game night! i always end up with the most kids, jaz has the better job and cale always wins.

this girl is still feeling poopy. the flu is hitting our house hard! thank goodness i got my flu shot, which i don’t normally get. and yes, mama’s chest still makes her big baby feel better.


it was such a beautiful, sunny, sunday morning so i took advantage of it and made some hot tea and relaxed in the rays and the quiet.

jaz and i had to grab a few things for austin’s nursery at target and we thought icee’s would make our throats feel better. they did, but by the end of of shopping trip we were ready to fall over. we should have just kept our sick butts in bed!

cale’s been working so hard on his cloffice and it was finally time for the electrical part. why in gods name would he leave me in charge of this thing? luckily, i think he asked himself the same question because he kept me on the phone the entire time. hehee

not only is he building his cloffice, he also rebuilt his computer because apparently his old one shit the bed. this thing looks like a sportscar computer!


sometimes i think i’m super mom and can still get shit done when i’m sick. so i got ready to run some errands…tying my shoes is unfortunately not one of those. mainly because i cannot reach them! thank goodness i have a capable 8 year old willing to help!

you guys, i went to costco and didn’t spend over $100. whattttt! i was in shock

we got hungry rull fast so we stopped at a restaurant. again, we should have stayed home. we both weren’t feeling it.

cale finally finished his cloffice and it’s AMAZING! i will do a post on it, but i just wanted to share a little detail! seriously, the hubs did such a wonderful job. you would think he was a carpenter 🙂 good job, honey! ya done did good!

well, our weekend wasn’t as fun as i thought it was going to be because 2 out of 3 of us were sick. and now cale has the flu…ay yi yi! house full of sickies!
hope you and your family is staying away from the yuckiness!
what did you do this holiday weekend?


baby a : months 2-6

as promised, here is a recap of our pregnancy thus far!
at the end i’ll do a little q & a with some popular questions that i have been being asked!

i also decided to do these in months rather than weeks because that just got too cumbersome. some weeks i just didn’t feel like taking pictures so…:)

also, for those that don’t know and think i can’t math. here is how pregnancy is broken down in weeks to months. it’s not your normal 4 weeks = 1 month scenario. so put those judgy judy thoughts back into your wittle head…i know how to math, mmk.

the awesome beginning!
we found out i was pregnant about a week before i took this and every thing was running so smooth! no nausea, no weight gain, no huge cravings besides pho, just all around, GREAT!

hello nausea. i hate you.
seriously, my life was miserable from weeks 9-18… AWFUL.
i repeat….AWFUL!

even though i was still as nauseas as ever, this was such an exciting month!
we found out we are having a litte….
and his name is
– austin david anderson –
austin because, that’s where cale & i met, that’s where we got married and that’s where jaz was born! it just seemed perfect! and david because that is cale’s dad’s name!

finally getting some reprieve from the nausea. hallelu!
austin’s monthly appointments have been going awesome! his heart beat is always so strong and i finally started to feel some movements! he’s an active one, that’s for sure!

& here we are! 6 months pregnant!
{yes i’m in my undies, we have a strict no pants rule in the house}
i cannot believe how fast this is going! this month we had his anatomy scan and he is definitely still a boy! like for sure for sure, haha. everything looked great and he is growing right on schedule! they did however, change my due date to april 27th so my cinco de mayo date is no more…womp womp. in other news, nausea is completely gone, but heartburn and constipation has reared her ugly head! but you know what? i’ll freaking take it! anything is better than being sick constantly. seriously anything!

alright now for all the questions!

what names were you considering? – before we found out that we were having a boy we knew our girl name. 100%. the first time we heard it, even before we got pregnant, we knew that was the one. it was lena cohen. lena would’ve been pronounced lee-na {like sisterhood of the traveling pants!} but we could never agree on a boy name. liam, leo, aksel…our list went on and on…and on. it wasn’t until one of our friends jokingly mentioned austin, that it dawned on us. DUH! that’s perfect!

will you breastfeed? – yes…well i will try to. i have already started producing colostrum so i know supply won’t be a problem but jaz didn’t take too well to the boob, so we will see. i was also 16 with jaz and gave up on it pretty fast so i will work harder at it this go-round.

will you stay home? – this question you guys…i get this all of the time and it’s obviously by people who don’t know me very well. yes, i will stay home for 3 months after austin is born, but my butt will be back in the office right after that. now let me just step up on my soap box for a quick sec…
i literally had someone tell me, “oh…you’re not? {while pursing her judgy lips} well…i’m just so grateful that i have a husband who can provide for me and my family so i can stay home and not have to work”
yep. can you see me fuming?
i am going back to work after my son is born because i want to. not because i have to. my husband can provide for me and our children just fine on his own, but i just love to work. that’s just who i am. i’ve worked since it was legal for me to work and i don’t think i ever won’t work. i don’t judge stay-at-home mamas, so stay-at-home mamas don’t judge us working ones.

will you have a nanny or daycare? – as of right now, we are planning to go the nanny route. i’ll let you know how that goes though…looking for one is so overwhelming!

how much weight have you gained? – yes, that has been a question but i’m not so put off by it like most pregnant women are. mainly because i haven’t gained much at all hehe if it were opposite then maybe i would be offended. but as of this morning i have only gained 3 pounds. austin is growing fine and all my labs have come back normal so the doctor isn’t concerned. i am all belly, thank goodness, but those three pounds are probably in my cheeks and my boobs. these things are gigantic. i have noticed my arms and thighs have slimmed out so i guess he is just pulling all of fat from there into my belly. FINE BY ME!

do you plan on delivering naturally? – haha i would like to say yes. but in reality i know that answer is hell no. i mean…i got an epidural when i was only 3 cm with jazmyne…so yeah you could say i’m a weenie.

i can’t think of any others off the top of my head, so if you have any, please feel free to ask me in the comments!

happy 6 months to me and austin! 

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see you next month!


baby a : 5 & 6 weeks

How Far Along? 5 weeks

Size of Baby: Appleseed {0.13 inches}

Gender: n/a at the moment

Weight Gain: none so far…that’ll change for sure

Maternity Clothes: i dabbled some at target and destination maternity only because this bloat is UNREAL.

Nursery: currently has a cat tree in it and all of jazmyne’s toys. i have absolutely no motivation to even think about designing a nursery.

Movement: unless i have the jolly green giant in there i won’t be feeling much for a while.

Symptoms: the sure sign that should have tipped my off were my tatas. good lord. i literally hold them when i go down stairs. i’m also mega bloated. i look 4 or 5 months pregnant (see 6 wk bump photo below) that’s obviously not a baby. my doctor said it’s due to my tilted uterus and the amount of water i’ve been drinking. hooray….
and lastly, just exhausted. so so so tired.

Sleep: since i have been to tired lately, i am making it into my jams by 8:30 and passing out as soon as my head hits the pillow. not uncomfortable yet.

Cravings: pho! give me pho at any time in the day. i want it and i want it now. and milkshakes.

What I Miss:  cold cut meats. i am such a sammie girl and i miss just some good ol’ turkey! le sigh. coffee. oh my god. coffee. of course i had to exnay the 20 oz triple shot white mocha every morning. and i miss it so. helllllo water.

Best Moment This Week: seeing  baby a for the very first time! that’s way too early for an ultrasound you say…i’ll explain at the bottom, keep reading.

Looking Forward To: the next ultrasound in two weeks! and announcing that we are pregnant!

**k so here’s a little story about a girl with pcos. pcos, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, meaning my cycles are a mess and i have chronic cysts building up on my ovaries. fun right?! no. remember a couple weeks back where i had to go to the hospital because a cyst ruptured? yeah i can thank the not so nice witch from pcos land for that one. anyway, like i said, it messes with a woman’s cycle. while regular women would ovulate on day 13-15 i didn’t ovulate until day 25 throwing my dates completely off! so for the first week and a half that i knew i was pregnant, i thought i was closer to 8 weeks when i went in for my ultrasound. not even close people. when the tech started going in on baby a (literally) he was really confused by my dates and asked if i was sure. he was able to find the heartbeat but it was only 100 bpm, which i later found out from a call from my doctor that said that was way too low and i should be prepared for a miscarriage. (HOLY SHIT) something an expectant mom loves to hear, amirite?! after re-downloading all of my ovulation tracking apps and going over my dates with a magnifying glass, i called our midwives and explained my mess up and they assured me that me REAL first day of my last period definitely matches up with baby a’s size and heart beat. PHEW! i was a mess for a day and a half ya’ll. i was so upset and crying and just a complete mess. thank goodness it was all just a big date mix up and everything is a okay!

How Far Along? 6 weeks

Size of Baby: pea {.25 in}

Gender: n/a at the moment but i am convinced it’s a boy!

Weight Gain: still none

Maternity Clothes: yep got 3 pairs of preggo jeans and a couple shirts and tanks. i’m telling, ya’ll the bloat.

Nursery: still in shambles

Movement: nada

Symptoms: HELLLLLLLO NAUSEA!! it, excuse my french, fucking sucks! tic tacs seems to working for a bit but it’s like i became immune to their magic. i recently posted a status on facebook asking fellow moms what they did to ease it since i had none of this with jaz. i got some good advice and i’m trying all of it! zofran will be my last resort but i’ll go there if i need to.

Sleep: still exhausted so i’ve been sleeping well. cale did however, have to find me an extra pillow to put between my legs when i am laying on my side. it’s just so uncomfortable without it there.

Cravings: remember how i was craving pho? ew. don’t even come near me with that. i don’t even want to think about it. lately i have been craving salt. anything salty. which is weird because i never even cooked with salt. this baby is a gamechanger.

What I Miss:  i really wanted a spicy tuna roll the other day. but other than that, i’m not really missing anything.

Best Moment This Week: telling close family and friends. my sister cried, which was so sweet! so did my best friend, i facetimed her right after we took the test, it was just a big ol sob fest. woo

Looking Forward To: next weeks ultrasound to check in on baby a justttt to be sure everything is indeed okay and he is growing as he should.


after only doing two of these, i’ve decided that i’m only going to update y’all every couple of weeks because answers will be redundant and that’s just boring. so let’s say i will do an update with these questions every 4 weeks. i will keep doing the weekly bump photos and just include those all together at the beginning of the post. sound good? GOOD!
now here are the two ultrasounds we have gotten thus far and you can see baby a has grown over 8 times his size since our 5 week ultrasound! I’m growing a baby dinosaur, you guys. 

grow baby, grow!



an anderson announcement!



baby baby baby baby!!

we cannot even begin to tell y’all how excited we are!
when we found our new house we decided that it was time! everything just lined up so perfectly and we knew that we were ready.
our main reason for waiting and not having a baby right after the wedding was because we had absolutely no room in our old house. it was teeny! so like i said, when we put in the offer on our new home and it was accepted, cale and i had long/multiple conversations on adding a little baby a to the mix. and we started ‘trying’ right away…;)

we honestly thought it was going to be a little tougher to conceive because i have PCOS and my cycles were very irregular. but to no avail, we got a big fat positive!

it is very early in our pregnancy but like most other things in our life, we are not waiting to share our news! and before you start shaking your head in dismay because we are announcing it before the “appropriate” 2nd trimester safe time, stop. and let me tell you why.

i don’t care about the stigma that is attached to announcing ‘early’. you know what i care about? the teeny tiny little human that i am growing in my tummy. we are so excited to be growing our little family and are not afraid to share with every single person in our lives!
i know what you’re thinking…what about miscarriage?
yes, i am painfully aware of the chance of miscarriage in early pregnancy and the first trimester. believe me. i am terrified.
i am not NOT going to share because i’m scared of what could happen. what a lot of people don’t understand about me and my situation is that most of my support system is in texas. sharing our shenanigans and weekend adventures isn’t just to do something in my free time. it is to make sure i stay connected with all of my loved ones who live so far away from me. plus it’s kinda fun…
if i were to miscarry i would want to share that experience. there are so many women that have endured a loss that stay silent and don’t share because no one knew they were pregnant to begin with. where was their support besides their husband and close family? just recently we found out that a lot of our friends and family went through a miscarriage and we had no idea! and i feel terrible that i wasn’t more supportive!
all that said, to each their own. some women aren’t comfortable with sharing before they reach the safe zone and that is totally okay too! obviously!
i am just more open about my life than most are but that’s just me. i will admit that i was head shaker at early announcements before i got pregnant and i did it to one of my dear friends. i feel awful for doing that now! how could i judge that? why did i judge that? I HAVE NO IDEA! i get it now. i get why she announced so early, because her baby was her baby even before the day of conception. a baby is {usually} something to celebrate, no matter how far along you are. and that is exactly how i feel. i am over the moon for this little ginger bean and I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD!

and to sum all of that up with just a few words if you are still judging me…
not your body, not your baby, not your problem

support and love each other, y’all!

stay tuned for bump photos, week updates and how baby a is doing -aka, ginger bean-!

love you guys!

-a very excited momma-to-be {again}, jess

our weekend adventures {long}



every year we have put up our christmas tree on thanksgiving night {or at least close to it} and this year, because jazmyne was going to be going to texas for thanksgiving, we figured we would do it a little early. last year was when we started doing the time lapse video and i think it’ll stay. you can watch that ⇒{here}⇐ on my facebook. it’s a fun way to capture a family tradition throughout the years.

this was taken on wednesday but i love it and even though she will only be gone for a few days {she comes back monday} i will still miss her so much. split custody is hard…but split custody living states away is a million times harder.

we headed to the airport thanksgiving morning to send jaz on her way. do you guys know how many times i have been at the seatac airport this year? this is my 16th time… seriously. not even remotely kidding, although i wish i were. it’s been a busy travel year for me. i hate this place.

after dropping of the minas, cale and i headed to a friends house whose animals we were looking after while they were on vacation. apparently, thanksgiving in seattle means driving like complete idiots. so many accidents meant hours of sitting in traffic.

little miss eleanor! love this precious girl so so much!

we were invited over to our friends family’s home for dinner and they just adopted the cutest kittens!!! you know this crazy cat lady was all over them! eeee such little bittles!

we played quite the prank on our facebook friends that night… we captioned this picture with :
“we have so so much to be thankful for! I’M EXPECTING….
….a huge poop tomorrow! hahahahaha”
cale and i thought it was hilarious…others weren’t too amused and actually fell for it because they didn’t click ‘see more’. oh boy, it’s going to suck when we actually do get pregnant and i announce it because no one is going to believe me! haha
the girl who cried pregnant, i guess huh?
ahhh too funny!

we ended the night with a good ol’ game of cards against humanity…this game is ruthless!


i decided to brave the crowds with a friend for black friday deals…i got a serious amount of loot at costco, woop woop!

this was the only picture from that day. after shopping all day and having a few too many glasses of wine the night before, i threw on some jim jams and we watched the last hunger games movie to make sure we were caught up before we went and saw the new one.


cale and i woke up and decided that it was going to be ‘date day!‘ we basically haven’t had any alone time since the honeymoon so i was so excited! we decided to start it off with crepes & coffee at our favorite little cafe in seattle.

part 2 of date daythe hunger games mocking jay part 2. oh goodness. this was a great movie! we thoroughly enjoyed it. just make sure to refresh you memory on the last movie, it literally picks up exactly where it left off. but we would definitely recommend going and watching this.

part 3 of date day, we made a little pit stop at hobby lobby for some light clips for the house before we went and met up with cale’s brother and his wife at a new pizza place down the street from our houses. it was a double date!
check out this ombre sky though! seattle has been just gorgeous this weekend! clear blue skies every day and amazing sunsets.


alright….so scratch what i just said about the weather…this is what we woke up to sunday morning. yikes! hello fog!

so bundled up to put the lights up on the house! it’s cold, ya’ll!

such a goon.

costco for the win! love these candy canes and presents!!

ya’ll know what this means!!!
our first family holiday card as the andersons!!
our first holiday card ever, actually, so you can imagine how pumped i am! these go out on monday!

cale and i decided that we were just going to focus on mina girl this year since, i dunno…we just had an extravagant wedding and an incredible honeymoon a little less than 2 months ago! haha we figured that was a big enough present to last all year long.
it’s not even december yet, i’m terrified to see what her stash will look like at christmas!

even though jaz was in texas, cale and i still had a great time. it’s easier for me when she is only gone for a few days rather than a whole month like in the summer. and sometimes it’s nice to just spend some adult time with my husband but i want my baby back…like now.
i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and that you got to spend it with the ones you love the very most.
what kind of traditions do you and your family do?
is your christmas tree up? has christmas spirit officially hit your home??
ohhhh did you make out like a bandit for black friday?? tell me all about it!!

thanks for stopping by!