Anderson Ever After – 1 year later

happy tuesday!
today is mine & cale’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
so much has happened in the past year it is insane!
we bought a big, beautiful, brand new home
we are expecting a little anderson in a few months!

but lets rewind and relive the best day of our lives
october 18, 2015, our wedding day!

my photographer finally gave the okay to share on my blog but she is still in the works of getting it published. but i promised i would share a few with you guys and now i can!

i am obsessed with our photos. our photographer stephanie hunter photography did such a wonderful job! we were blown away when we received them. i hope you guys enjoy them just as much as we did and still do.

getting ready

Blaine & Mike Wedding | Villa Antonia in Austin



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our weekend adventures


casual fridays makes my heart happy. i love being comfy! it makes fridays that much better.

i got this bad boy a couple weeks ago and i’m still loving it! i haven’t always been a fan of drip coffee but spending 6$ on a cup every day, 5 days a week, yeahhhh that little 6$ turns into close to $150 a month and welp… that’s like 3 tops or a pair of shoes sooooo. yeah.

i feel like a broken record saying that work has been crazy but it’s true! i have been so incredibly busy that friday nights have just turned into relaxing at home and hanging out with cale and jaz.


i got to play with this little princess at a friend’s baby shower. obviously sesame street was way more entertaining than auntie jess.

it was so much fun celebrating this momma-to-be! she is absolutely glowing and so stunning, little baby strohmeyer will be here so soon!

later on in the evening we went to university village down in seattle to meet up with some of cale’s family. i love how lit every tree is throughout this plaza.

we came home to the BEST DELIVERY EVER….
our wedding photos!!!
oh my gosh we love them!!
unfortunately, we were asked not to post them on here just yet, our photographer wants to wait until she hears back from publications to see if they run us in a feature!! eeeekkk!!
but if you follow me on instagram then you already saw that i shared a few there!!!
if you don’t then you should!! // @jess_g_anderson
once i get the green light from stephanie, i will post some on here!


we woke up early and picked up cale’s momma and went and grabbed coffee and crepes. yum yum! it’s crazy how much of a coffee freak i have turned into. but i love it…luhvvveee it!

‘hi my name is lusers and i look sad all of the time’

so if you haven’t noticed, when momma jo comes into town, we eat at all the best restaurants/fattening food places. this evenings menu was dick’s drive in and buster brownie cake! helllllo diabeetus!

and then to round up the very busy weekend we landed in the er when a family friend was stuck in here after breaking a few bones. eek!

it was such a busy weekend with lots of fun shenanigans! my mother-in-law has been in town since last weekend so we made sure to try and spend as much time with her as possible. why does momma cooking never get old? that’s a serious question…why is mom cooking so darn good? i literally could sit on my couch all day and eat whatever my mom cooks when i see her, well same goes for cale’s mom. she is the best cook and we are always well fed when she visits. HALLELU!

any who, i think next weekend will be a lot less busy and that is exactly what i need. i feel like i have been going full speed every day of the week for the past two weeks and this momma needs a break!

what did you get into this weekend?


our weekend adventures {long}


we got our slo-mo video back from our wedding and it’s awesome!

if you missed my post about it you can find that // {here}

it’s been a crazy work week with nothing but deadlines so i relaxed on the couch and these two played with legos all night.


my two favorite boys! chandler bing is slowly but surely warming up to us! we just hit our year anniversary since getting him! he’s such a handsome fella!

my photographer sent me this sneak and OH MY GOSH!
we are supposed to get the rest next week. I AM SO EXCITED YOU GUYS!
stephanie hunter photography is incredible!

i have heard so much about micellar water from some of my favorite beauty bloggers, so i thought i’d jump on the bandwagon and give it a go! have y’all tried this stuff yet? what did you think?

after running a lot of errands during the day, jaz and i watched this sweet girl for a little while. i forgot how hilarious toddlers are…”yep…i go poopies everywhere all the time”
so fun! jaz just loved having little miss eleanor over, she is going to be such a great big sister! {not pregnant, lol}


seahawks vs. panthers
because kickoff was at 10am again we decided to have a pancake party and had our friends, britt & ludwig, over.

this was my heartbeat during that game! what the hell was that first half???? grrrr…such a tough loss.
we’ll be back next year!

after the game we went over to cale’s brother to see his relatives from out of town and jaz loves when she can see her cousins! it’s always a good time.


jaz and i got to stay home from work and school so you know what that means…cleaning!!
you guys should have seen this bathroom {jaz’s} it was disgusting. chunks of toothpaste everywhere…like on the toilet! don’t ask because i have no idea how she does it. so my greatest feat of my day off was cleaning this. let’s just see how long it takes her to destroy it again. ew.

have y’all seen these adorable snapchat filters?
love this one!
follow me!! // {@jaevas}

i have been shopping, for what seems like forever, for something to go under our new shelf and i finally found some that i love! thanks target!

it was a great 3-day weekend for us and we got so much done!
did you do anything fun or exciting this weekend?


wedding countdown:


8 months!

has it already been a month?! my goodness! people weren’t lying’ when they said these months would fly by! we have gotten so much taken care of this last month. i know i said in our last post that february wouldn’t be too eventful…yeah, i lied.

don’t forget to check out our wedding website // {andersoneverafter,com}

previous wedding countdowns // {10 months}   {9 months}

this month we:

  • booked an incredible videographer! i’ll list all my vendors at the end of the post.
  • booked our wedding flights. well actually we booked the majority of our flights this year. one of my best friend’s getting married a couple weeks before us and i’m a bridesmaid! so we booked that flight, our flights down right before the wedding, OUR HONEYMOON FLIGHTS, and next to book are my dress fittings and our bachelorette/bachelor parties. hello frequent flyer miles!
  • applied for our passports! technically i applied & cale renewed. we needed passports because….
    • aruba-bucuti8 this is literally a picture out of a room at the resort we booked! again, i will mention all vendors at the end!
  • my wedding bands came in! woop woop
  • we ordered cale’s band, too!


all you bride to be’s read carefully! i would of course recommend all of my booked vendors to you because…well they are awesome, duh! why would i want to be selfish and not want another bride to have the best wedding she could with these outstanding vendors! that would be just plain mean! i am not a jealous bride, i do not care if i have the exact same vendors as another bride because i know i have my own taste, and unless you were asking my coordinator EXACTLY what my wedding looks like, then you should have no problem because i’m sure your wedding will be just as gorgeous! i still have a few more to book, like hair & make-up, fancy departure transportation, night-of hotel and a surprise for our guests.

that’s it for now as far as vendors but we’ll keep y’all posted!
here’s just a few more pictures that our little jazmina took!

IMG_4404 IMG_4405 IMG_4420 IMG_4427

y’all will learn that we are just a bunch of goons, jaz included.

see ya next month!

-jess & cale