our weekend adventures

we’reeeeee baaa-aackkkkk!
our weekend adventures are back as promised!
this was a good one to start on too!


we met up with our neighbor/friend and her two kiddos for crepes and shopping afterward. she had never been to jewel box so jaz & i thought it was a must!

cruz & jaz
seriously the cutest and sweetest boy ever!
we headed over to u-village for a little shopping!

camíla & austin
our other two! mila is just one month behind a and is the sweetest baby girl ever!

austin had to try out his new jim jams! maddie introduced me to kickee pants and i am obsessed now! have you felt that material!! you can get austin’s pj’s {here


this sweetness in the morning. swooonnn!

i was in desperate need of a pedi and an eyebrow wax so the hubby stayed home with the kiddos and and i got to sneak out for an early appointment.

this dude turned 4 months!!!
read his update post { here }


eggs & bakey for breakfast!

we went on a cleaning kick on saturday and cale deep cleaned our bathroom, including my makeup organizer. but this is how he put everything back in it! geeeezzzzz!

we went and celebrated this handsome boy’s 5th birthday!
happy birthday cruz!

grocery shopping sunday and the whole clan came with!

bedtime bottles with papa! it’s becoming quite the task to get this guy to eat without squirming everywhere and pushing the bottle out so he can sneak his hands in.

after brother went to bed, sister got to make slime! i am SOOOOOOOO READY for this slime phase to be overrrrr!!

and of course to end the night once both kids are sleeping, GAME OF THRONES!!!

told ya it was a good weekend to start our adventures back up! the weather has turned cooler over the last few days and i’m okay with it. the last month has been HOT! plus i always get excited when we get closer to taking out that god awful ac window unit.

what did you do??


our weekend adventures

can i just recap on my awesome trip to colorado last weekend?

we walked around the denver botanic gardens and it was beautiful!
here are few more!

IMG_8296 IMG_8322
look how beautiful!!!

this lovely lady played chauffeur to us all weekend! love you rhi!

i had the best girls weekend!

k now back to our normal shenanigans!


jaz & cale got me a little betta fishy for my birthday!! blog family, meet franklin da fishy aka-frankie!
oh man do i love him! he just stares at me like this all day. my poor co-worker that sits next to me, she has to endure baby talk alllllll day.

it was a dear friend’s last day and the probation officers had this made specially for her. it was so beautiful!!


i gladly volunteered to go get coffee in cale’s new whip. after totaling his car a couple weeks back he finally chose a keeper!

while i was in colorado, my hubby worked on building a little pantry in our closet under out stairs. it’s amazing what a difference a few shelves can make!

spring cleaning day for mama bear while baby & papa bear got to building the new deck! i seriously cannot wait for that thing to done! it’s going to be so nice!

sorry for the worst quality picture ever but we let lulu out on the leash and she loved it!
adventure kitty!


someone woke up with a wicked sun burn. eek!

SOS! i just noticed that i am missing my matching kendra scott necklace! uhhhhh you guys i am so bummed! i must have left it somewhere in colorado. seriously….so upset!

happy early mommy’s day to me! i am so excited for these new babies!

we shaved lulu’s belly by ourselves and found a lump. cale thinks it’s nothing but of course i’m freaking out. a little lump could be a huge sickness. insert crying face here. 😦 i love my lusers.

mother’s day cards are signed, stamped and will be put in the mail!
gifts are already on their way!
what did you get your mommas/gmas?

another beautiful weekend for seattle. i kept an eye on the weather all week just to prepare for our deep spring cleaning! i was so pumped to get down in dirty and clean every nook and crevice and then i ripped/tore/stretched something in my lower back that is excruciating. so my wind was very quickly swept away so only the kitchen got a deep cleaning. the rest of the house just got a normal, sunday cleaning. whomp whomp…there’s always next weekend!

cale poured the concrete for our new deck and finished the pantry! our little house projects are coming along nicely! our house will be ready to sell in no time!

hope you guys had a great weekend! what kind of shenanigans did you get into??
what are y’alls plans for mother’s day?


our weekend adventures


rise & shine! this is what my poor husband has to look at in the morning…yikes!
thanks for loving me, honey!

look at these cute pups at my favorite coffee stand!

have you done your taxes? ugggghhhhh! cale and i definitely waited till the last minute to do ours because we knew we would be writing the check to the irs instead of the other way around.

finally caved and went to the doctor… one huge sinus infection for me! cool.

try working on this payroll spreadsheet when your head feels like a balloon.

we let jaz pick the restaurant and of course she chose olive garden. they have these fancy little kiosk thing and we kicked ass on harry potter trivia.


this little goon is headed down to texas to visit with her father. she gets so excited!

“Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty and loving you is my life.”

she got to fly in the cutest plane ever!
see you in a week baby girl!

well, what do we do now that we are kidless?
play around in parking lots, duh!
look how small these cars are!

since we can’t take jaz to see adult movies we basically raced to the next showing of deadpool! we have been waiting so long to see this! and oh my gosh…
it was hilarious! we haven’t laughed that hard in a movie in a long time.

call the authorities, my husband and i are out of control! lol
we went home, played rumikub and drank a few beers. we got insanely crazy, ya’ll.


we went a celebrated a sweet girl’s first birthday and this huge feline was there and stole all of my attention! he has a big ol body and teeny tiny paws!

if you follow me on instagram {@jess_g_anderson} then you saw my tidbit of advice to all mommas:
invest in a nice camera, take lots of pictures and PRINT them!
you will thank yourself in the future when your babies are all grown up.

happy first birthday to little miss ellie girl!
what a doll!

project ‘new deck’ is underway! i can’t wait till it’s finished! in case you missed the new layout, you can find that {here}
i know i say this a lot, but i am so so very grateful for my handy husband who is taking this on all by himself.

after working up a mean sweat in the backyard {cale not me} we decided to go for a walk to get slurpees at the neighborhood 7-11.
we swung by our neighbors house and stole their dogs. teehee!

another beautiful weekend here in seattle!
it is always bittersweet to send jazmyne off to texas but it’s easier when it’s only for a week instead of a couple months.
i am off to colorado this thursday for a helluva girls weekend/my birthday weekend! i can’t wait to share some pictures with ya’ll!
i hope you had a good weekend and cheers to a hopefully not so brutal work week!


our weekend adventures


casual fridays makes my heart happy. i love being comfy! it makes fridays that much better.

i got this bad boy a couple weeks ago and i’m still loving it! i haven’t always been a fan of drip coffee but spending 6$ on a cup every day, 5 days a week, yeahhhh that little 6$ turns into close to $150 a month and welp… that’s like 3 tops or a pair of shoes sooooo. yeah.

i feel like a broken record saying that work has been crazy but it’s true! i have been so incredibly busy that friday nights have just turned into relaxing at home and hanging out with cale and jaz.


i got to play with this little princess at a friend’s baby shower. obviously sesame street was way more entertaining than auntie jess.

it was so much fun celebrating this momma-to-be! she is absolutely glowing and so stunning, little baby strohmeyer will be here so soon!

later on in the evening we went to university village down in seattle to meet up with some of cale’s family. i love how lit every tree is throughout this plaza.

we came home to the BEST DELIVERY EVER….
our wedding photos!!!
oh my gosh we love them!!
unfortunately, we were asked not to post them on here just yet, our photographer wants to wait until she hears back from publications to see if they run us in a feature!! eeeekkk!!
but if you follow me on instagram then you already saw that i shared a few there!!!
if you don’t then you should!! // @jess_g_anderson
once i get the green light from stephanie, i will post some on here!


we woke up early and picked up cale’s momma and went and grabbed coffee and crepes. yum yum! it’s crazy how much of a coffee freak i have turned into. but i love it…luhvvveee it!

‘hi my name is lusers and i look sad all of the time’

so if you haven’t noticed, when momma jo comes into town, we eat at all the best restaurants/fattening food places. this evenings menu was dick’s drive in and buster brownie cake! helllllo diabeetus!

and then to round up the very busy weekend we landed in the er when a family friend was stuck in here after breaking a few bones. eek!

it was such a busy weekend with lots of fun shenanigans! my mother-in-law has been in town since last weekend so we made sure to try and spend as much time with her as possible. why does momma cooking never get old? that’s a serious question…why is mom cooking so darn good? i literally could sit on my couch all day and eat whatever my mom cooks when i see her, well same goes for cale’s mom. she is the best cook and we are always well fed when she visits. HALLELU!

any who, i think next weekend will be a lot less busy and that is exactly what i need. i feel like i have been going full speed every day of the week for the past two weeks and this momma needs a break!

what did you get into this weekend?


our weekend adventures


cale is still in the midst of home projects which does this to my floors…. i can’t wait till it’s all done!


cale was scheduled to work this weekend and couldn’t give it up so you know what that means…
mommy & baby’s day out!

first stop was to get the nails did. in love with this tiffany blue!

we went to every home decor store to try and find something for our new shelf in the living room, but no dice. so we ended up at nordstrom’s cafe to get my favorite salad!

it has arrived!!!
during our wedding ceremony, instead of mixing sand for the unity ceremony, we mixed little glass pieces. we each chose a color significant to us. cale chose green, for the emerald city and to symbolize growth, i chose white to symbolize new beginnings and jaz chose pink…well because…her favorite color is pink haha. once the wedding was over we sent our mixed glass to a phenomenal glass blower to create this beautiful sculpture for us to have as a forever keepsake of our amazing wedding day! we are so happy with how it turned out and will forever cherish it!
all of the amazing credit to UNITY IN GLASS, if you are a bride-to-be or know of someone getting married soon, i could not recommend this company more. they have so many different sculptures to choose from! ahhh you will not be disappointed!


seahawks had a 10am kickoff…who does that?? so coffee and no makeup was a must!
but uhhhh…DID YOU SEE THAT GAME??!?!?!!?
holy shit balls. it damn near gave me a fuggin heart attack! i feel so bad for minnesota’s kicker though…that has to be rough. eek.
but wahooooooo!!! next up, the cardinals.

someone stole my mug…

made my favorite white bean chicken chili! nom nom nom

this might be one of the worst things that’s happened to me! my clothes broke our rack in the closet! of course this only fueled cale’s endless rant about me having too much clothes. yada yada yada. whoopsie

how was your weekend? did you watch that game?!


our weekend adventures


i had carpool duty which means i had some extra time in the morning and jaz requested chorizo & egg tacos. so i made her one….and 10 more to bring to work and surprise my fellow co-workers that had to suffer with me on this friday.
just call me santa. 😉


look at how handsome my hubby is. ❤
cale and his brother hit the slopes! ugh, i was am so jealous! i have never been skiing or snowboarding so i am super excited to finally get to go!

after work i had dinner with a friend and then headed to shane co to pick up this beaut. because i added 2 extra bands for the wedding, it got incredibly tight so i needed to let it out 1/4 out and then i got the bands spaced out. i’m obsessed with this thing.

WHAAAAA!!! when i got home jaz and cale were watching hey arnold, then we watched doug, AND THEN we watched rugrats!!!
cale & i felt like we were back in the 90’s, it was awesome!


i had to make a run to the grocery store for some ingredients for cookies and i was oh so lucky to sit in this ridiculous line at our favorite coffee place.

i was in the kitchen all day because of these things. don’t worry the recipe for the apple pie cookies will be up soon! and the brownie christmas trees are just that…brownies lol. with some cookie frosting drizzled on top.

i was invited by my sweet co-worker, now a good friend, to her annual christmas cookie exchange! look at all these cookies! everyone had to bake their own and wear their favorite x-mas pjs. then once we ooo’d and ahh’d over them we made our own take home plates. such a great get-together and one i am so grateful that i was a part of this year.

things got a little weird. cats were involved…that’s all that needs to be said. haha


woke up and watched the hawks CRUSH the ravens… i’ve said that two weeks in a row…i think they finally have that fire lit beneath their asses! playoffs are soooooo close!!!

we rearranged our living room and are now waiting for the new tv mount so i get to watch tv like this until then…yippee!

how was your weekend? did you get all your christmas shopping done?

jess ♥

our weekend adventures


my girl dropped her album and i am so pumped. she literally…literally, has the voice of an angel. gosh this album is fantastic, it’s on repeat and will be for the rest of my life.

so fall is over and winter is in full effect. just an fyi.

we haven’t had a family dinner night with just the three of us since before the wedding so of course we chose our favorite mexican restaurant! yum!

cale hates when i mess with the thermostat in the car. yes it really needed to be at 90°, it was that cold!


oh yes, it’s the best time of the year and ain’t nobody stopping my christmas spirit.

these two ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

i give myself a little credit that i didn’t go out and search for this glorious magazine. ugh, of course not…ha nope i have a subscription so it was delivered to my front door. ha!

we attended our second friendsgiving with our lovely neighbors! we always love getting together with everyone, especially when we can send all the kids upstairs and just have good old fashioned adult time. thank you jessica & david for hosting such a wonderful dinner!

the andersons // friendsgiving //2015 }


i rolled out of bed, made some breakfast and went on my usual sunday errands. i didn’t realize that i looked like a bum bum until i walked by a full length mirror. yikes! sorry if you saw me it was just one of those days.

now that the cold weather is here to stay {they are calling for chance of snow this week {!!!!!} } i decided to make all of my favorite soups! this is my {chicken & green chile soup} i posted this recipe a couple months back.
it is seriously my favorite soup!

so we may or may not have put up our christmas tree already… okay we did! but we have a valid excuse, we usually put up our tree thanksgiving night but this year jazmyne is going to texas to stay with her grandparents on thanksgiving morning. so we won’t have time to put it up and we definitely do not have any free time to do it this week, so we had no choice! don’t be a scrooge!! get in the christmas spirit!!

what did you guys do this weekend??
who else put up their tree??