our weekend adventures


i had a training in seattle with a whole bunch of police officers! talk about super intimidating!

can you imagine how much i stuck out when i walked into a room full of men & women in uniforms and a gun on their hip, wearing this??? yeah, that was fun!

i really do have a crazy admiration of law enforcement though. i’ve worked with so many departments that i know how tough it is. from the sheriff’s office, jp’s office, constable’s office, superior & juvenile court, it’s really amazing what they do for such little appreciation.

after a dinner with our good friends, we got to come home to a beautiful sunset! i love the summer time here in seattle!


after recruiting some help {thanks britt} we got the railings knocked out! my hubby has done such an amazing job building this thing! we are almost done, y’all! i can’t wait to decorate it!

after working all day on the deck {in the hot sun!} britt and i got dinner and went to watch me before you. this not your father’s root beer is just what i needed! so yummy!

and this is how i felt after me before you. a complete mess! holy cow did i bawl like a little baby! so good though.


if you follow me on snapchat then you got to participate in a poll for which color we should stain the deck!
the winner with the majority votes was…….

so while the sunsets have been beautiful, the sun itself has not been setting till…
i think i complain about this every year, but c’mon! going to bed when it’s still light out makes me feel so old!

this weekend was amazing! it hit 90° people! so so hot! we had to install our ac window unit it was THAT hot, and now we are thinking of getting one for upstairs too, it was almost unbearable to sleep in. yuck.
i hope everyone had a great weekend!


our weekend adventures


IMG_9310 both cale and i had off on friday to observe the holiday. this is rare…cale never gets the holidays off. so he joined me for an early morning barre class! he’s such a trooper!

ugh…cale tried teaching me to drive stick. lol. no.
enjoy these…oh and my excuse to stop is “i’m getting closer to cars, i’m sweating and i’m hungry and i’m really hungry.”
sorry for the scary no makeup face, this was right after barre.


481425_453159448078861_364597702_n after the death lesson of trying to learn a stick shift, i got to pamper myself with a mani, pedi and eyebrow wax! ugh i love my salon // splash nail bar

45908_475894685807081_36094958_n after the salon i went home and took a little cat nap with my future husband. technically, i slept on his chest and he watched tv. sighhhh. anyway, after i woke up we got ready and headed out to an appointment i had at // the wax bar // some other things needed some attention, one word, OUCH! but ladies who live in seattle, these ladies take care of you! i highly recommend this place!

IMG_9326 after the self-induced torture we decided to go ‘adulting’. since jaz is still in texas, cale and i are able to go and have a couple beers and enjoy just being in each other’s company. we still miss our baby girl though.

IMG_9331 after dinner we got to see our friends new house that they just bought and we were blown away by their view! so gorgeous!


IMG_9358 saturday we slept in, had breakfast in bed and literally did nothing until 3 pm. that was when i had to get up and run to the store so i could make my pasta salad // here // for a get-together at our neighbors house. fourth of july means red•white•blue everywhere!

gone-girl-2014-film-poster i ducked out of the party a little early because i couldn’t hang in the sun. i got really nauseous and light headed…was i ever a texan? seriously, what the hell. so when cale came back home we relaxed and finally watched ‘gone girl’…what in the ever living…what!!?? this movie was crazy! women are effing psycho, man!


IMG_9364 i went to an early morning barre class and basked in my sticky socks glory. i have more than this but these were just the pairs that i had just washed. a girl can never have too many sticky socks…never.

IMG_9363 cleaning soon turned into this. cale and i are mature, i promise.
at least we know that the new luggage we got for aruba will hold all of my clothes… 😉

IMG_9370 hot summer days means extremely oily kitties. and oily kitties means matted fur…soooo that means…kitties get combed!

IMG_9372 mario!!!! that’s all i really need to say for this one.

what a hot weekend!! i hope you all stayed cool this fourth of july!
my bachelorette is this next weekend so sorry in advance if my posts are a little late.
have a great week!


our weekend adventures


IMG_9237 cale left early friday morning to surprise his dad in arizona for his birthday. bye honey! see you on sunday!

IMG_9255 someone was pooooooped when i picked her up from the children’s center. they made sure she played hard for her last day.

IMG_9256i let jaz sleep with me for her last night at home. i had to get my cuddles in!


IMG_9263 i hate this part…waiting for my baby to board a plane all by herself to take her to her father’s for a whole month!

IMG_9262 pre-bawling.
this was my third time dropping her off for the summer and it still hasn’t gotten any easier. cale is usually with me so i can hide my face in his shoulder when i start to cry so jaz won’t see me. but i was all by my lonesome which is probably why i cried a lot harder. i don’t know why i get so upset, i know she is going to have fun, get spoiled rotten and be safe, but i just can’t help myself. luckily, i wasn’t the only momma who was dropping off her babies so we sat together and waited for the plane to taxi out. ughh, sob fest!

IMG_9265 i needed some good ol’ carbs after all that crying and the airport is the only place in washington that has a chili’s so i stopped in and had some enchilada soup and queso! oh my goodness, yummmmm!

IMG_9266 crying and being by myself means retail therapy…right?!
unpucker that butthole honey…i didn’t buy this, but i really wanted to!

IMG_9273 so seattle has been a little warm lately…and by warm i mean almost 90°. before you laugh, know that, that is VERY hot for seattle. and need i remind you that houses in the pnw DO NOT have AC…. so shut up and don’t laugh when we complain. anyway i thought i had enough water but apparently i didn’t because i got incredibly sick while i was walking around u-village and had to cut my shopping short so i could go lay down and try not to throw up at home.
lucky for me, cale just installed our ac unit downstairs so it was nice and cool. because i couldn’t do much i opted to watch american sniper…whoa. such a great movie.


IMG_9269 meanwhile…cale is having a ball in arizona…super jealous.

IMG_9275 i drank nothing but water the night before to recuperate so i was ready to tackle an early morning barre class.

IMG_9276 i stopped by veggie grill on my way home and got the most delicious salad. if you haven’t had veggie grill yet, go! it is a completely vegan restaurant but you wouldn’t notice unless you researched more into it! “oh but you got fried chicken on your salad, that’s not vegan” ahem excuse me…that’s not chicken that tempeh and it’s delicious. oh my gosh so yummy!

and that about sums up my lonesome weekend.
these next few weekends are going to be intense so stay tuned! it’s about to get super interesting!

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happy monday!


our weekend adventures


IMG_8838 i took the day off friday a long time ago for some vacation time but instead it turned into a day full of errands and appointments. first up was this munchkin’s play, a rumpus in the rainforest. so stinkin’ cute!

IMG_8841 quick stop to get my god awful nails fixed. does anyone else have a panic attack when they cut your cuticles? one little nick and it hurts for days!

IMG_8845 i decided to go old school with a classy french mani. oh and don’t mind that bling…;) hehe

IMG_8847 baby girl’s birthday is wednesday and momma may have gone a wee bit overboard. eep! i am so happy i have such a girly-girl, she didn’t want more barbies or dolls. nope, instead she wanted dresses and shoes. oops…what have i created?

IMG_8849 it’s hot in seattle, y’all! i feel like such a turd though because it’s only about 75° and i’m dying…how did i ever live in texas?!

IMG_8850 after a little cat nap and a few doc appointments i went and picked up a co-worker and headed into seattle to see…THE ONE….THE ONLY…SHANIA TWAIN!!! we stopped at a little mexican place and nommed on some fajitas before…we needed some foods in the belly.

IMG_8861 you guys, i can’t even. i can’t. she was freaking amazing! she played all of her hits and then some! britt and i were standing and singing the entire time. seattle was her first stop on her 2015 tour so everyone has plenty of time to score some tickets! ugh so good! what i loved most was how she was so personable. she hasn’t been on tour in ELEVEN years so when she forgot some of the words to her songs, she laughed and completely owned up to it. just so good you guys. go see her if you get the chance.

IMG_8871 i never knew there were that many country fans in seattle. sold out and jam packed!

IMG_8875 uhm….if i look half as good as she does at 50, i will be damn happy!


IMG_8878 i’ve been ordering so many goodies from boutiques that have reached out and i forget when i’m supposed to get a delivery so this was awesome to wake up to! so cute!

IMG_8881 i worked on crafts all day for jaz’s birthday party next saturday…why? why do i do this to myself???


IMG_8883 this is all cale’s doing. he wanted to stock up on scented candles since we moved the littler box into his office. i wasn’t going to argue with him though. i got the cutest cover-up dress for aruba!

IMG_8894 trips to target = time to play! note to self: never try hula-hooping again. i am no longer in middle school.

IMG_8901 jaz was invited to our neighbor’s kid’s beach birthday party! so much fun but again, so so hot! happy birthday jack!

IMG_8904 such an adorable, fun dad!

IMG_8939 look at that sky! definitely, twirl like you’re mary poppins, weather.

stripes & a blazer

happy friday eve!
it’s unbelievable that i get to say this again, holy sunny seattle! while the south and east coast have wintergeddon happening we are graced with the beauty of a pnw spring! the cherry blossoms are blooming, y’all! it’s been amazing!

I took crazy advantage of this sunny weather and decided to finally wear this adorable pencil dress. while i think it is adorable it is also a bit scandalous. only because it hugs everything. so, to dress it up a bit more so i could wear it to work i 1) pulled it up so no cleavage 2) paired it with a sleek white blazer {i’m the blazer queen} 3) didn’t wear super sexy stilettos.
if i were going out…totally different story!
whether it be a pencil skirt or a pencil dress, i think that every woman needs one. be thankful for your curves and show those babies off…with class though, don’t go hoochie mama! {dangit, now that song is stuck in my head, “ain’t nothin but a hoochie mama!”}

stripes IMG_4830stripes 5 IMG_4655

see, absolutely work friendly. if i wanted i could shimmy the dress down a bit and voila, boobies! but i don’t…so i didn’t.
the next are without the blazer and it just seems a bit too risqué for my workplace but i think i just found my new favorite going out outfit! pshhhh who am i kidding? i don’t go out!

stripes 2
stripes 4
booty, booty, booty rockin’ everywhere! lol
stripes 6

and BAM, hello lady curves! i used to hate my hips because i thought they were disproportional to the rest of my body but cale loves them so he has made me a little less insecure about them. they’re my baby-makin’ hips, he says. considering i have indeed made a baby, i would say that’s accurate. ha!

bar III dress // {here}
blazer // similar {here}
nine west pumps // similar {here}
kendra scott kiri necklace // {here}
kendra scott elle earrings // {here}
lips // nyx {i got mine from nordstrom rack…}

i try really hard to cycle through all my shoes because i find that bloggers who have the exact same shoes on in every one of their posts, don’t really let their readers into their closets. however, us girls have our favorites and these are definitely one of mine! they are just too comfy and translate well with any look i’m going for. but seriously, change it up a little.

have a great thursday!


our weekend adventures


IMG_7386 IMG_7389
well we were supposed to go to delfino’s pizza but we got lazy and didn’t want to drive that far so we settled for redddd robin…finish it…YUMMMMM! i had been craving a bloody mary so i finally got to have one!


this is what we woke up to, y’all! nothing but blue skies and sun! it was absolutely gorgeous!

always. a. goon.

IMG_7403 IMG_7409
crepes were calling our names so we went to our favorite place in northgate, jewel box! spicy sausage and nutella please!

what a beaut. i’ll take whatever help i can get when she’s a teenager.

IMG_7410 IMG_7430
we got to celebrate this little big boy’s first birthday! such a cutie!!

little miss lily grace, i will always steal you from your parents. always.

after all the birthday shenanigans {and mimosas} we ended the night with some double stuff oreos! i often forget that i have a crazy beautiful wedding gown that i need to fit into. whoopsie!


welp… no rest for the wicked. up & at em early in the morning…notice, cale is still in bed… sighhhh.

one thing i love love love about cleaning house on sundays is that my shoes get restocked and it’s glorious. a woman can never have enough shoes. did you hear that, honey? never enough! 

IMG_7450 IMG_7452
jaz & i took a little trip to targè and she was so fascinated about the cart escalator…i mean… it’s pretty damn cool. and icee’s, i think she loves these things so much because i dreamed about them when i was pregnant…either that or sugar. it’s probably the sugar.

quick stop at whole foods to get the essentials…cheese & wine. jaz’s favorite part of going to whole foods is picking out her free fruit!

we made some pickles!!!!

and dinner is served. nom nom nom!

if you live in seattle, please tell me you got out this weekend!
what did everyone get into this weekend??
happy monday!


our weekend adventures


friday was boring and i was pooped so i just laid in bed and read this book. unfortunately, it still hasn’t captured my attention yet and i’m on chapter 5. eep! i hope it picks up soon!

saturday {valentine’s day!} 

IMG_7017 IMG_7021
look at all the goodies we woke up to!

cale got me the most hilarious card from etsy! “couples that fart together, stay together.” how awesome is he!? haha we now have so many fresh flowers in the house and i love it! we decided not to go big this valentines day because, well… we have a big extravagant wedding we are paying for OURSELVES. lol so roses and sugar wafers {i’ve been missing my papa lately} for me and lots of candy and a big ol’ balloon for him.

later in the morning/afternoon we were invited to go celebrate our dear friend’s birthday. happy birthday, misha! y’all should go check out her blog… {emerald city diaries}!!



dangggg E, so sorry for interrupting playtime with uncle cale! y’all, i can’t get enough of this precious baby girl!

on a different note… you see those veins popping out of my hand? ya, those things hurt! they usually only pop out when i eat too much salt but this time it was unprovoked. anyone else have this problem? am i dying? i must be dying.

after the birthday soiree, we went to our favorite steakhouse. we waited for an hour & forty five minutes, but it was well worth it! look at how they serve their cocktails! i wanted to steal the mini vase thing! it’s so cute!!

IMG_7090 IMG_1770
dinner was delectable! oh my goodness! filet mignon and garlic shrimp…uhm yes please!


i sometimes think that i’m super woman and can drink 5 mimosas without paying for it the next day. yeah, i’m not superwoman. so a big breakfast was necessary sunday morning.

if you live in seattle…did you go outside?!?!! it was absolutely gorgeous! thank you for the sun seattle! lulu quite enjoyed herself.

this was my life. laundry on laundry on laundry. bleh

but at least i had a helper!

whew! it was a jam-packed valentine’s weekend! and jaz & i have off today for president’s day woohoo! let’s see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into!

what did you and your special valentine do?

oh oh!!! in case you missed it…
…go check out my valentine’s day inspired outfit! {here}