baby a : my favorite things

hey y’all!
sorry i’ve been a ghost around here, i promise to get back to our adventures once jazmyne comes back from texas!

but for now, i wanted to share some of my favorite baby items that austin has! i get a lot of messages on where i got certain things and how i like them, so i decided to review/post them here!

there is quite a few, so bare with me.
{all items will be linked in the caption below the photos}

{ solly baby wrap }
when i had first looked into baby carriers, i thought, neh, i don’t like wraps, they look too complicated. so we bought an ergo and at first, i thought that was great but then, austin had his first growth spurt and didn’t want to be put down. which meant, i had to clean with him, cook with him, everything while wearing him. do all that in an ergo, meh, not the comfiest. plus, everytime i bent over to pick something up or put something away i would have to hold his head to my chest and then the waist belt would dig into my thighs. ENTERS SOLLY BABY! lucky for me, my whole neighborhood is either pregnant or JUST had a baby so i texted my neighbor and asked if she had a wrap and she had a solly. after watching a tutorial more times than i would like to admit, I WAS A PRO. oh my gosh, so comfy! i like the solly better than a moby wrap too, moby’s are VERY thick and austin seemed too hot in it. i would highly recommend a solly for baby wearers.

{ dohm sound machine }
cale and i have made it our mission to NOT be quiet around austin while he is sleeping. when visitors come over and whisper once they see that he is sleeping, we say nope! speak in your regular voice! he needs to get used to lots of noise while he is sleeping so that if we are out and about or at someone else’s house, he won’t have an issue falling asleep. this little machine makes the loudest white noise sound ever! it definitely helps lull him to sleep.

{ infantino teepee }
we got this as a gift from one of our showers and it is amazing!
1) it’s mega cute and 2) austin loves it. there is a mirror right in the middle of the mobile that is hanging down and he just lies there cooing and talking to himself. and the mobile hangs low enough where he can actually grab the toys hanging from it. it will eventually transition to a reading area that we will move to a corner in his room.

everything o-ball }
these toys are great for babes trying to conquer those pesky fine motor skills! the big holes allow them to easily grab and hold on to them. i bought the set but have also purchased individual ones for the diaper bag and then this { o-ball o-link } to connect an o-ball to his carseat handle so that he can play with his it while riding in the car!

{ bath time easy kneeler }
it’s knee pads AND elbow pads! seriously, something that seems so petty and simple is really something, i think, all mamas and papas need.

{ halo sleep sack }
when austin was born up until he was about 10 weeks, he hated to be swaddled. HATED it! but then, once he figured out he had arms… boy did those things flail when it was time for bed. so we resorted to swaddling and these things are great! they keep his legs in the open position that they are supposed to be to prevent hip dysplaysia and keeps his arms in real tight! search the ‘halo sleep sack’ for different options in print and materials.

Image 1
love to dream-swaddle up 50/50 }
to go with the last item, we are now trying to transition austin out of the full swaddle. instead of his arms being glued to his side, they are up by his head and he is still able to suck on his hands. my other mama friends and neighbors have raved about this swaddle while they were transitioning their little so we decided to give it a go! so far so good! cale always giggles when he sees him in it though.

now here are a couple of our splurges that we loveeee.

freshly picked moccs }
love these little shoes! and now they make little loafers! ugh swoon!

{ lily jade diaper bag in camel }
if you know me, you know that i love everything camel and this is no exception! i always get so many compliments on his diaper bag and it’s so roomy i don’t even need to carry a purse. it also comes with a tote on the inside that you can take out. prettyyyyy nifty if you ask me!

Main Image - Stokke 'Trailz™' All Terrain Stroller
{ stokke ‘trailz’ stroller }
smoothest stroller ride. we love this thing. it’s easy to break down and stuff in the trunk. not to mention, stokke has all kinds of accessories and add on’s to make the babes more comfy.

let me know if you have any questions about anything specific! whether it be ones i posted here or any you’ve seen on my social media.


baby a : nursery reveal

this is a way overdue post!

i wanted to stay neutral with a’s nursery just in case our next babe is a girl. i also stayed away from the typical “boy” theme that has cars, dinosaurs. trucks, etc. i really hate those things, ESPECIALLY on baby clothes!

so here you go! the sweetest nursery for the sweetest baby boy!

{ all items will be linked at the bottom of the post! }


we realized after putting everything up that we were going to need much longer shelves. eek!

above the rocker

personalized quilt // pottery barn // { here }
elephant // pottery barn // { here }
personalized elephant rocker // pottery barn // { here }
hanging clouds // pottery barn // { here }
rocking chair // target // { here }
accent table // homegoods
jellycat elephant // nordstrom // { here }
changing table // pottery barn // { here }
crib // pottery barn // { here }
crib bedding // pottery barn // { here }
light fixture // land of nod // { here }
rug // target // { here }
wall art // etsy // { here }

sooooo you might be thinking to yourself…geez did pottery barn throw up in there?
and the answer to that is…yes, yes it did!

i love how everything turned out and it will be perfect for the next babe should it be a girl!
if you have any questions about specific items, please feel free to email me or comment!

our weekend adventures


can you tell i have a type a personality? i have to make lists on days that i am just way too busy to keep my priorities straight. do you make to-do lists?

that was the only picture i had for friday. we had to go pick up the u-haul truck and load up the rest of our house.


we woke up early and kept loading everything in the truck! this guy didn’t even have time to throw some water in his hair to tame that bed head!

what a creep.

lucky for me, our friends lived right down the road from our storage unit! they actually just came to buy our coffee and end tables buttttt, i recruited his help so that us wives could sit in the truck and play pokemon!!

after two trips to the storage unit, we had some time to check in on our new home! if you follow me on snapchat {@jaevas} and you should, then you got to vote on how i should put the furniture in the formal living room! thank you for everyone’s help! numero uno was the weener!
aren’t my drawings just the best??

img_3492 img_3493
after all of the moving shenanigans, we went to our friends house for a little gamenight! isn’t this pickle lady the cutest??


sunday morning we got to sleep in a little but not too late because we had to get up and load the uhaul again! but this time with trash to take to the dump! goodness gracious am i sore! after all the heavy lifting we treated ourselves to some carbful goodness! tempura fried pickles are the best!!

we also had to catch them all while lunching.

we needed to pick up something from homegoods for the kitties and we found this to be quite funny…can you spot cale? hehe

everytime we run to petco we always stop to play with the kittens first. this old guy was so sweet!

if you don’t have a target red card…you should. don’t worry, it’s not a credit card! i mean you can get a target credit card but i don’t…i have the debit card! it’s linked directly to my bank account just like a normal debit card BUT i save 5% every time i use it! okay that’s #1. #2: have you downloaded cartwheel ? no? THEN GET WITH THE GAME PEOPLE! so many good deals to be had on that app! oh my goodness! and finally #3, download the regular target app and keep an eye on the mobile coupons…do not confuse those coupons to be part of cartwheel…THEY ARE SEPERATE!!!
just this trip alone i saved $21.49…that’s like a free shirt!
so why are you not saving? start saving!
k i’m done… 🙂

i went and traded in my charge for this sleek beauty! fitbit alta, you get me.

it was another busy weekend for us andersons. we thought that we were going to be moving out and into our friends house but a little snafu happened and we were able to stay another week in our house!
we are, however, on the homestretch of closing on our current home! the appraisal is in and now it’s just paperwork time! if everything goes smoothly, we will close with the buyers this friday! wahoooooo!!!!

hope everyone had a great weekend!


loving it in…

Loving It In...

keurig 2.0 k200– i love mine!! i have this exact model and color and again, i love it! it is perfect for the office and brews a ridiculously hot cup o’joe.

contigo 32 oz water bottle – i have this in pink {duh}. I was on the hunt for a bigger water bottle because my 24 oz one just wasn’t cutting it! i drink A TON of water a day and 32 oz is the perfect amount! now, instead of making a trip to the water fountain 6-8 times a day i am only going 3-4! yes!! i purchased mine from target and they have so many colors!

mac mineralize skin finish – yes yes and more yes. this is the perfect shimmer highlight that every makeup guru needs in their collection. it gives you that perfect little shimmer to help make your highlight pop!

maybelline instant age rewind concealor – i was watching a highlight tutorial and the makeup blogger was using this and just raved about it. so i grabbed some on one of my target runs and will never buy an expensive concealer again. i love the way this glides on and as long as you set your makeup correctly, no creases! woop!

can you guys believe that it is already february? what in the world??? 2016 just needs to sloww down!!

do you have some favorites that you’ve been loving?
what are they??


our weekend adventures


IMG_7386 IMG_7389
well we were supposed to go to delfino’s pizza but we got lazy and didn’t want to drive that far so we settled for redddd robin…finish it…YUMMMMM! i had been craving a bloody mary so i finally got to have one!


this is what we woke up to, y’all! nothing but blue skies and sun! it was absolutely gorgeous!

always. a. goon.

IMG_7403 IMG_7409
crepes were calling our names so we went to our favorite place in northgate, jewel box! spicy sausage and nutella please!

what a beaut. i’ll take whatever help i can get when she’s a teenager.

IMG_7410 IMG_7430
we got to celebrate this little big boy’s first birthday! such a cutie!!

little miss lily grace, i will always steal you from your parents. always.

after all the birthday shenanigans {and mimosas} we ended the night with some double stuff oreos! i often forget that i have a crazy beautiful wedding gown that i need to fit into. whoopsie!


welp… no rest for the wicked. up & at em early in the morning…notice, cale is still in bed… sighhhh.

one thing i love love love about cleaning house on sundays is that my shoes get restocked and it’s glorious. a woman can never have enough shoes. did you hear that, honey? never enough! 

IMG_7450 IMG_7452
jaz & i took a little trip to targè and she was so fascinated about the cart escalator…i mean… it’s pretty damn cool. and icee’s, i think she loves these things so much because i dreamed about them when i was pregnant…either that or sugar. it’s probably the sugar.

quick stop at whole foods to get the essentials…cheese & wine. jaz’s favorite part of going to whole foods is picking out her free fruit!

we made some pickles!!!!

and dinner is served. nom nom nom!

if you live in seattle, please tell me you got out this weekend!
what did everyone get into this weekend??
happy monday!


late president’s day post

hi pretties.

this past weekend jaz & i were lucky to have monday off for president’s day. woohoo! poor cale had to work though…boo! boeing never gives them the usual holidays off, maybe it’s because they give him like 2 weeks off at christmas…wth is that! i digress.

it was a beautiful day in good ol’ seattle, again! so we decided that we would take a trip into the city {we live on the outskirts} to have some fun in the sun.

also note that almost all of these pictures were taken by jaz. actually all of the pictures that are not of her she took. atta girl, right??

IMG_4206 IMG_4214

we wanted some big noms so we went and had some vietnamese. yes, the sun may have been out but it was still pretty chilly, so i got some phó and jaz had some stir fry. look, she has finally figured out the chopsticks!


after lunch we headed over to gas works park. i’m telling y’all the day was absolutely gorgeous!! look at that skyline.




sorry for the dark pictures, but jaz did a great job of getting all of seattle in the background which is really all that mattered.
i am still so obsessed with these paige boyfriend jeans! i got them a size bigger than i usually would because i really wanted that boyfriend look…however {!} the waist is so huge and unlike her other jeans, these stretch out…a lot.

super cheesin’ & i can’t see because…sun! yay vitamin d!

IMG_4283 IMG_4285

this wasn’t supposed to be an outfit shoot but it was too pretty to pass up this gorgeousness.
if you live in seattle, just a forewarning, the hill part of gas works park is fenced off. i think they might be re-soiling the whole place, i dunno. we may or may not have squeezed through a crack…not without some other company though, so i didn’t feel too bad.

after gas works we went and had some molly moon ice cream. i haven’t had it yet and jaz is always down for some sugar.
IMG_4366 IMG_4370

and finally after ice-cream we stopped at a camera store and i bought a new lens…i’m in love! it’s just a pancake lens but it allows so much more light in and i love love love! my kitty cats make for good subjects.

i’ll link outfit details at the very end.
this was a different post than my usual but i couldn’t let all of jazmyne’s pictures sit in my computer. she did such a great job!

and with that, we bid you farewell. until next time!

blouse // {here}
paige jimmy jimmy boyfriend skinny // {here}
steve madden pumps // {here}
michael kors watch // {here}
kendra scott elle earrings // {here}

soft colors on valentine’s day.


so i had originally bought this dress for my rehearsal dinner that’s in 8 months…like 5 months ago! haha! i like to get ahead of myself sometimes. but it was screaming my name from my closet, “wear me…wear meeeee!” so i caved.

i almost always go for a softer color rather than a bold one. so this blazer was the perfect touch against this pristine white dress!

valentines 2 valentines 1

valentines 3 valentines 6 valentines 5 valentines 4 valentines 7 valentines 8

banana republic dress // similar {here}
h&m blazer // similar {here}
nude pumps // {here}
mega cheap necklace // {here}
kate spade earrings // {here}

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hugs and big kisses on this mushy gushy day!