valentine’s gift guide 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2016


can you guys believe that it is almost valentine’s day?! what in the what what!
well it’s not too late to snag something up for your bff, mom, sister …. yourself. there is nothing wrong with a little retail therapy…mmmkay!
most of these items are relatively cheap and are things that every woman loves. practicality people with the exception of flowers and chocolates. but you can never go wrong with chocolates.

socks – please tell me i am not the only one that is obsessed with cute, comfy socks? i have the worst circulation in my toesies so these are a must during the winter!
coffee mugs – they have to be cute though. that kitty one is just calling my name!
small satchels – for you men that have no idea what a ‘satchel’ is…a purse. but again, stay small, it’s only valentine’s day, not christmas, don’t get crazy.
small jewelry – studs, simple watches, small pendants, etc.
and of course
flowers & chocolates – this should be obvious. or at least to my husband it should be. i constantly have fresh flowers in the house so fresh beautiful pink, white and red blooms make my day!

valentine’s day should be easy, not extravagant. that’s what birthdays and christmas are for.

what are your plans with your special someone? a fancy din din? a romantic date night?

the hubs and i are are doing something different than usual, we are staying in…**gasp**! hehe
we decided a night in with our daughter, some pizza, a movie and a glass of wine is all we needed.

keeping it mega simple in 2016!!
here is what i posted last year as my gift guide in case you need a couple more ideas!
{valentine’s gift guide 2015}

happy early valentine’s day 


our weekend adventures


friday was boring and i was pooped so i just laid in bed and read this book. unfortunately, it still hasn’t captured my attention yet and i’m on chapter 5. eep! i hope it picks up soon!

saturday {valentine’s day!} 

IMG_7017 IMG_7021
look at all the goodies we woke up to!

cale got me the most hilarious card from etsy! “couples that fart together, stay together.” how awesome is he!? haha we now have so many fresh flowers in the house and i love it! we decided not to go big this valentines day because, well… we have a big extravagant wedding we are paying for OURSELVES. lol so roses and sugar wafers {i’ve been missing my papa lately} for me and lots of candy and a big ol’ balloon for him.

later in the morning/afternoon we were invited to go celebrate our dear friend’s birthday. happy birthday, misha! y’all should go check out her blog… {emerald city diaries}!!



dangggg E, so sorry for interrupting playtime with uncle cale! y’all, i can’t get enough of this precious baby girl!

on a different note… you see those veins popping out of my hand? ya, those things hurt! they usually only pop out when i eat too much salt but this time it was unprovoked. anyone else have this problem? am i dying? i must be dying.

after the birthday soiree, we went to our favorite steakhouse. we waited for an hour & forty five minutes, but it was well worth it! look at how they serve their cocktails! i wanted to steal the mini vase thing! it’s so cute!!

IMG_7090 IMG_1770
dinner was delectable! oh my goodness! filet mignon and garlic shrimp…uhm yes please!


i sometimes think that i’m super woman and can drink 5 mimosas without paying for it the next day. yeah, i’m not superwoman. so a big breakfast was necessary sunday morning.

if you live in seattle…did you go outside?!?!! it was absolutely gorgeous! thank you for the sun seattle! lulu quite enjoyed herself.

this was my life. laundry on laundry on laundry. bleh

but at least i had a helper!

whew! it was a jam-packed valentine’s weekend! and jaz & i have off today for president’s day woohoo! let’s see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into!

what did you and your special valentine do?

oh oh!!! in case you missed it…
…go check out my valentine’s day inspired outfit! {here}


soft colors on valentine’s day.


so i had originally bought this dress for my rehearsal dinner that’s in 8 months…like 5 months ago! haha! i like to get ahead of myself sometimes. but it was screaming my name from my closet, “wear me…wear meeeee!” so i caved.

i almost always go for a softer color rather than a bold one. so this blazer was the perfect touch against this pristine white dress!

valentines 2 valentines 1

valentines 3 valentines 6 valentines 5 valentines 4 valentines 7 valentines 8

banana republic dress // similar {here}
h&m blazer // similar {here}
nude pumps // {here}
mega cheap necklace // {here}
kate spade earrings // {here}

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hugs and big kisses on this mushy gushy day!

valentine’s diy gift

double post today. whaaaa!!

this one is just a simple diy that takes a whole 10 minutes.
i pinned a few things and showed jaz so she could pick which one she wanted to do for her teacher.
this is what she chose. again…remember that i do these projects with my 6 year old so yes things will be off center and lopsided, her teacher will adore it though!

what you’ll need:
7.5 x 7.5 glass block {i got mine from michael’s}
about 5 bags of candy hearts
white vinyl
tulle {to make the bow}


{one} trace out some block letters and a big bubbly heart on computer paper. {i picked mine from google and traced directly from my computer screen} cut them out and trace onto the back of the vinyl you chose. {note: when you trace the letters onto the back of the vinyl remember that you have to trace them backwards, so that they are correct when you cut them out} once those are traced, cut them out. if you use scissors i’d suggest using a smaller pair than the ones pictured above. just so you can get into all the corners without tearing the vinyl.

{two} peel off the sticky back, choose your placements and stick away! {if you have that big store sticker on it and it leaves that annoying residue when you peel it off, just use some windex and it’ll take that goo right off!}

{three} add all those fruity heart things inside the glass block, seal it and wrap the tulle around and make a big ‘ol pretty bow!



easy y’all

you’ll notice that i didn’t cut out the “lfp” that i had traced out in the heart because my scissors were too big to make the wittle cuts that i needed to. meh. also, jaz did really well on placing these stickers! all i did was tell her where to line it up and she did all the rest! good job, baby girl!!
two days till valentine’s day!

hugs & big kisses
jess & jaz 


valentine’s gift guide

Valentine's Gift Guide

{1kendra scott-danielle earrings – ladies, if you haven’t splurged on yourself for a pair of kendra’s…you need to, asap! personally, i’m a fan of the elle style {they are a bit smaller than danielle} and i actually have these in the elle style but i would definitely buy these in danielle too, they are just too purdy!

{2blue nile arrow bangle bracelet – how perfect is this bangle for valentine’s day?! too cute and quite subtle, so you don’t have to worry about being too gaudy!

{3sole society infinity scarf – well it’s pink {check}, it’s an accessory {check} and it has polka dots?!! {check check check} this scarf was made for us girly girls!

{4michael kors heart bracelet – i’m starting to shy back from all things michael kors because the brand is being killed…BUT this is adorable. and i want it… i want it now.

{5kate spade heart phone case – well, i’ve been on a kate spade bender lately. {i just bought a gorgeous honeymoon tote and passport holder…oh em gee} this designer just screams my name and i come a-runnin.

{6mac lipstick – candy yum yum – how gorgeous is this color? great for a flirty date or just on a spring-y day!

{7berricle heart ring – so it’s valentine’s day…did y’all know? the only time its a-okay to outwear a heart. heart rings, heart necklaces, heart bracelets, bring on the hearts!!

{8manolo blahnik pink pumps – a girl can dream right?! i’m determined to own at least one pair…preferably by my wedding {cheesy face}

{9kate spade heart earrings – need a say it again?? okay okay…ladies it’s okay to wear hearts and be all cutesy on v-day! only judgy judy’s will judge you and they are just mean, sad, sad girls.

{10chicwish tulle maxi skirt – if you’ve been reading my blog regularly you will know two things about me. i love pink and i love tulle. did you see my engagement pictures {here} haha shameless plug. anyway, this should be no surprise.

**helpful hint to shop all these beauts, click on the picture and it’ll take you directly to every single link.
happy shopping and tell those hubbies that i am terribly not sorry.

happy valentine’s day! 
hugs & big kisses,

diy valentine’s day bunting

can you believe it’s almost valentine’s day already?! wasn’t it just christmas?!
this is jaz & i’s favorite time of year because we get to make valentines for her classmates and i get to make chocolate covered strawberries! it wasn’t until thanksgiving that we put a banner above jazmyne’s bed, so we decided to keep going with it for every holiday!

valentine’s day is up first!

you can find the pinterest pin that i got my inspiration from {here}


what you’ll need:
3 12″ x 12″ cardstock floral/book pages/whatever background you want
2 12″ x 12″ cardstock solid colors {what the hearts will be}
glue {after finishing, i’d recommend using a glue stick}
{not pictured: stapler}


{first} trace out the rectangles about 4″ wide and 7″ long. then you need to trace out the little triangle at the bottom. i made the triangle sides about 2 1/2″ up towards the middle of the rectangle. Next you’ll trace out the hearts. i free-handed ours but you can download a stencil on google.
*if you let your little do the tracing…grab a snack and turn on a movie…it will take foreverrrrrrr. 

{trace trace trace}

{second} cut all those suckers out!
*note: unless your child is a scissor master, you might want to do this part or you’ll end up with triangles instead of hearts… 

{third} glue your hearts to the banner pieces. after some trial & error, i’d highly recommend using a glue stick instead of elmers liquid glue. only because the wetness makes the paper bend when it dries… not cute.

{fourth} i didn’t get a picture of this because i have teeny hands and i cant hold a dslr camera in one hand…so now you need to attach these to your twine. just fold the top of the banner pieces  over the twine and staple! seriously that easy! to make sure the pieces stayed, i just super creased the paper where it’s folded on the twine. you can try to staple it directly on the twine…kudos to you if you’re successful!


and finally you can hang it up! jaz’s room is already a princess room so this just adds that polishing touch!

super easy diy this time and you can do this with any holiday!
we hope you enjoyed another one of our little projects!