wedding countdown:


8 months!

has it already been a month?! my goodness! people weren’t lying’ when they said these months would fly by! we have gotten so much taken care of this last month. i know i said in our last post that february wouldn’t be too eventful…yeah, i lied.

don’t forget to check out our wedding website // {andersoneverafter,com}

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this month we:

  • booked an incredible videographer! i’ll list all my vendors at the end of the post.
  • booked our wedding flights. well actually we booked the majority of our flights this year. one of my best friend’s getting married a couple weeks before us and i’m a bridesmaid! so we booked that flight, our flights down right before the wedding, OUR HONEYMOON FLIGHTS, and next to book are my dress fittings and our bachelorette/bachelor parties. hello frequent flyer miles!
  • applied for our passports! technically i applied & cale renewed. we needed passports because….
    • aruba-bucuti8 this is literally a picture out of a room at the resort we booked! again, i will mention all vendors at the end!
  • my wedding bands came in! woop woop
  • we ordered cale’s band, too!


all you bride to be’s read carefully! i would of course recommend all of my booked vendors to you because…well they are awesome, duh! why would i want to be selfish and not want another bride to have the best wedding she could with these outstanding vendors! that would be just plain mean! i am not a jealous bride, i do not care if i have the exact same vendors as another bride because i know i have my own taste, and unless you were asking my coordinator EXACTLY what my wedding looks like, then you should have no problem because i’m sure your wedding will be just as gorgeous! i still have a few more to book, like hair & make-up, fancy departure transportation, night-of hotel and a surprise for our guests.

that’s it for now as far as vendors but we’ll keep y’all posted!
here’s just a few more pictures that our little jazmina took!

IMG_4404 IMG_4405 IMG_4420 IMG_4427

y’all will learn that we are just a bunch of goons, jaz included.

see ya next month!

-jess & cale


wedding countdown:

10 months!!!!

we are down one more month! yipeeeee!

if you aren’t fully up to speed with cale & i’s story, you can check that out at our actual wedding website this domain will eventually become the home base for this blog but for now it will remain strictly our ‘wedsite’. so go give that a little look see. this month i released some more pages [vendors & the wedding party!]. each month i have been releasing a few pages ultimately leading up to february where we will release the whole website, that’s when everybody should have their save the dates!!! i can’t wait to share those with you guys!

here are just a few details to get y’all up to speed.

Villa Antonia

this is our gorgeous venue! who would have thought that this is in texas?! she is located just a few miles outside of austin and oh my goodness we are so so in love! we booked this place blind, basically just off of reviews and pictures. when we toured it this past september we were floored. it’s even more beautiful in person! can you say fairy tale wedding…fairy tale wedding y’all!!!!

our date is set for october blah blah 2015. hehe most people know as i might have slipped on some social media but i’m trying to keep hush hush until the save the dates go out. we chose october because it is such a pretty month in austin. it’s not too hot and not too cold, although at night it can get pretty chilly.

this month we…

  • finalized our guest list.
  • got addresses from all of our guests [sheesh that was a doozie, just give me your address people!]
  • bumped up our decor coordinator to our full service coordinator [easily the best decision we’ve made thus far]
  • ordered save the dates! *you guys have to read my embarrassing story at the end. <insert facepalm here>
  • ordered our cutesy ‘cale and jessica’ return address stamp
  • booked our florist! the sketches they made for us are absolutely gorgeous! {how many times have i used that word in this post now?}

*okay now for the embarrassing story; so while ordering our save the dates, cale & i went through our guest list and added everyone up for the head count. so if everyone shows up that we are inviting that would be 160+ people. {worried face here} but okay so i got onto good ol’ and entered 175 just to have some extras just in case. enter credit card info, verify address, submit orderyay! they are ordered!!! next day rolls around and i’m poking around with our guest list, color coordinating it {i’m ocd} when i realize…son of a monkey’s uncle…we ordered about 75 too many. there’s this thing called marriage and some of those married couples live together which means * drumroll* only one needs to go to their house. luckily i was able to call them and cancel and replace our order with the correct amount. however, in doing so, we ate a good chunk of change for the inconvenience. boo. again {facepalm}

stay tuned for monthly updates on our adventure to becoming the andersons!